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GrandQuilter 18.8
Pfaff Sewing Machine

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Grand Quilter is perfect for the do it yourself machine quilter


I own my own machine quilting business and I wasn't able to afford a longarm machine.  This machine fit the bill perfectly.  It has paid itself off in a matter of months and I love the fact that it is mechanical and not computerized.  I was surprised at how such a small increase in the throat area made quilting queen, and even king size (I did a 120" x 120" quilt with no problems) so much easier than on my home machine. I seriously wanted to buy a longarm, but to be honest, I don't know that I really need to.  You can buy a frame to go with this machine and the Qbot works with it as well. I am very happy with this machine, and the only things I'd like added to it is a light under the throat area, a larger bobbin case and a sensor to let me know the bobbin is low.  This machine is great for somebody who wants to quilt their own quilts but finds quilting large quilts on their regular machine a struggle.  I also like that I use this machine strictly for quilting so I can keep my regular machine set up all the time and use it for piecing quilts and garments, etc...

Valders, WI


Pfaff Sewing Machine

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