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Shampoo Plus Conditioner
Pert Plus
Pert Plus Volumizing 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner

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pert plus doesn't get the job done for me


Both my husband and I were Pert Plus users for years - he used it daily to prevent dandruff and for the convenience of a shampoo and conditioner in one, and I liked to alternate it with my other shampoos that I use for volume in order to treat dandruff. I liked that it was not a bad smelling dandruff shampoo. Somewhere down the line in the last couple of years, however, they changed their formula. My husband and I both noticed a difference. He didn't like the scent as much, and I noticed a big difference in my hair. First of all, it left my hair oily looking and flat. And second, it no longer seemed to eliminate the dandruff. I have tried it a couple of different times just to be sure that that was really the issue, and sure enough every time I use Pert Plus I get the same results. I don't know why companies change products when what they had worked, but this is one product I will no longer use because of the change.

Grand Rapids, MI


Not really that good


I was really disappointed with this product. I thought this company has been here for a long time, I had a coupon, it was the right price on sale so I bought it. I did not like it. It made my hair, which is color treated, and on the dry side - make it feel very oily and clumpy. It felt like it didn't get washed. So I do not reccomend this to friends but would if you keep the reciept to see for yourself. It is in a very nice attractive bottle and everything about the packaging is great but the product itself was not good. There was not really a smell to it which I liked, The amount to use was "normal." It did lather up so it didn't feel wasted. The bottle size was a good deal. It felt like it would save me the extra step of conditioner but didn't. I usually use a cheap brand - suave and have no problem so being "cheap" can't be the reason why this didn't work for me. sorry but I can't recommend it to my friends.  

Beaverton, OR


Leaves your hair smellin great and looking good


I've been using this product for years and have had absolutely no troubles with it. It makes my hair smell fabulous and looking great. I've had alot of compliments from friends and family on how nice my hair looks. My boyfrend always notices how good my hair smells from using this shampoo. I got hooked on using this because my mom has always used this shampoo herself. This shampoo is not highly priced either. I've tried alot of shampoos in my lifetime and out of all the ones I tried I was never satisfied with the results  got from those. But this shampoo has definitly lasted through the years and it has been the only one I have stuck with that absolutely does a great job of keeping my hair looking shiny and full. Another thing too is that this already has conditioning in it so I dont have to mess with having to deal with another bottle when I'm taking a shower or just washing my hair. I use this every day of my life and I'm definitly satisfied with the results!

Kalamazoo, MI


Does the job in one step


Pert Plus is always on sale in one of my many local stores from grocery to drug stores.  I can find exactly the type of Pert I'm looking for and for a great price!  This shampoo works great on my fine hair and I use it to wash my Goldren Retriever too.   It really helps bring out the shine in her coat and my hair as well!

Blackwood, NJ


Pert Plus Light for Oily Hair


**Pert Plus 2 in 1 Shampoo plus Light Conditioner is perfect for oily hair. I have tried several different shampoos with conditioners, but they just leave my hair flat and do not get rid of the oily feeling on my hair. Guys are picky about their hair too and this one is perfect for me. I have both oily, thinnng and fine hair, so it was a problem until I found this product.**

Farmington, NM


Pert Plus Volumizing 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner

3.6 5