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Personal Care
Personal Care Cocoa Butter Skin Cream

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This skin cream is fantastic & the price is magnificent, really!


Personal Care Cocoa Butter Skin Cream is one of those miracles that comes along once in a lifetime.  That's because this skin cream is fantastic and the price is magnificent, really!  I say that because this cocoa butter goes on smooth and creamy and will leave your skin feeling dreamy.  I couldn't resist saying that, but that's because it's true.  The texture is perfect to the touch, it is creamy looking and it comes in dreamy "off white" color.  The texture almost looks like fancy whip cream.  This product although wondrous is "not" made of 100% Cocoa Butter, as it has other ingredients in it.  It will "not" help with scaring if you have scares as 100% Cocoa Butter will do, so you wouldn't want to buy this product for that.  You want to buy this product if you want angel looking and youthful looking skin.  You'll notice your skin looking a little younger in just a few weeks if you use it everyday.  Guess what?  The smell of this product is perfect too.  It smells like cocoa butter but very faintly, so it will not overwhelm you.  The fragrance will leave you feeling relaxed.  I use this product on my face and it goes on so soft and so smooth that you will look forward to using it day after day.  The size it comes in is perfect too.  The size I have is "8 Oz." Which is a big container, it will last a very long time because you don't have to use a lot, as a little goes a very long way.  The price of this product is ridiculous too, but in a very good way, it is "not" expensive at all.  What else can I say, but I give this product a "10+", and I've never given a product a 10+.  You really should try "Personal Care Skin Cream Cocoa Butter" or I think you'll be sorry you didn't.   

Stockton, CA


Personal Care Cocoa Butter Skin Cream

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