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Perlier White almond body cream

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Lotion by Perlier


This lotion had a good smell so I thought I would try it at the store. The consistency of some lotions is too runny and others have a strange feel but this lotion was probably a good combination of fluid and solids to make the consistency manageable. Also, it had a good smell. The main purpose of lotion for me is to combat my dry skin and this lotion did the job fairly well and seemed to last a while. I actually carried it with me in my book bag to apply after I washed my hands with soap to keep them from drying out. I even used the lotion on my face and that helped as well. Scent The scent was good at the store and it kept its scent even after I applied it. I did not smell it after a few hours but i did smell it on my skin for the first hour or so. The smell was soothing and reminded me of when I made candles as a kid. I would recommend this lotion for smell alone much less the functionality of the product. Absorption I thought this lotion absorbed well. I have had some lotions that I had to really work on to absorb it into the skin but this one was absorbed after a few times over the skin applying the lotion. Effectiveness I would take this category to mean that it both eased my dryness and was pleasant to smell for at least an hour or so and to that end this product was very effective. I am not sure it is the best lotion out there but it is a good deal for the price.



Love Perlier White Almond body cream is pampering oneself


This body cream is fantastic with a very pleasing scent that will not overwhelm one.  It is also very reasonably priced when you consider that it comes from Italy.  It is a product that makes you feel pampered and special.  The only place in our small town that carries it is TJ Maxx so I will stock up when I go there.  I have not found any Perlier products that I do not like.  I also like to give as gifts because it looks like a very expensive product and light scent will not offend anyone.  In fact it is a nice product to keep on hand for last minute gifts such as parcel post lady, teachers, beautician, etc.  This scent takes me back to childhood and Jergens lotion that my mother used.  I am a long relaxing bath person rather than taking a shower so I like to have many different products to support this addiction which I have plenty of time to indulge in now that I am retired and children are gone.  Scent Makes me think of Jergens which I grew up with

Fond Du Lac, WI


so moisturizing!!


 Perlier White Almond is a fantastic product!!! It not only is very moisturizing, it also smells great!!  These products are available on the Perlier web site but you can get better prices on Home Shopping Network. Perlier and their sister company Elariia are called Italian Bath and Body on HSN. They offer alot of different scents and I am sure you would be very happy with these products.

Pine Grove, WV


Wonderfully moisturizing & smells great!


I have been using this lotion for years.  My favorites by Perlier are their Vanilla (which is almost impossible to find) and their Almond body lotion.  While these retail for over 18.00 in fancy stores, I have found mine at TJ Maxx and Marshall's for 7.99 each, which is a huge savings!  Can't be without this lotion, so I stock up when I can or when it's on clearance.  Do yourself a favor and try some, you won't be sorry!  A little goes a long way, so it lasts longer than most lotions! 

Kenosha, WI


Perlier White almond body cream

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