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Pennington Weed & Feed

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Kills your lawn in 2 weeks.


Applied as directed on my healthy lawn and within 2 weeks 70% of it was dead. Have used other products with success - I guess this is what you get with products 'on sale'.


Seattle, WA


It killed all my year-old fescue--a TOTAL DISASTER


Overseeded my fescue lawn last Sept and it was looking awesome this spring--the fullest it ever has. I started to get an aggressive weed working its way in so I went to my local big box store and picked up SIGNATURE SERIES WEED AND FEED. I drop spread it the last week in May--after all it says to apply it "anytime weeds are actively growing". It rained a couple days later and all my new fescue started dying off within a week--what a nightmare!  I'm really pissed as I've worked very hard to develop a robust lawn the last few years--and spent a lot of money on seed!---we have 1.3 acres. I knew this product shouldnt be used with recently planted fescue(like weeks new), but this had been in the ground for 8-9 months!!!!!!  I have used other weed and feed products by lesser name brands without a problem. I will never buy a pennington product again. By the way, I live in Raleigh NC.


Raleigh, NC


Pennington Weed & Feed

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