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Penn Foster College - Paralegal Studies

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Not worth the time


I started the paralegal course with Penn Foster Career College and loved it.  I flew right through the courses and was right on track.  The tests were simple but not Too simple.  The reading packets were to the point and my payments were affordable.  Then came the english course.  It made absolutely no sense what-so-ever!  There was a tiny book that was difficult to read and actually understand.  Then it skipped around so much that it was even more confusing.  The essay exams were poorly explained and confusing.  My first essay exam I barely passed... BARELY.  There was no constructive criticism and no explaination.  Therefore, I had no idea how to improve my writing.  My second exams I completely misunderstood the topic and immediately failed that test.  Luckily I was able to redo it (1 time) and was given the lowest grade possible for that test.  The final exam was very difficult.  Throughout the course I had no idea what I was doing wrong and when I would call to ask I was put on hold forever and wasn't even able to speak with a teacher.  Just some random kids that just worked there.    My point is that you get what you pay for.  I did excellent at every course except for the english.  Had I been able to speak with a teacher or had the information/instruction been written more clearly I would have been able to pass.

Sandy, UT


Penn Foster College - Paralegal Studies

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