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Penaten Medicated Diaper Rash Cream

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has saved my babies' bums, and heals my chapped hands!


I was given a can of Penaten by a dear friend from Canada who swore that it was the best stuff.  Well, as a pregnant first-time mom, I didn't know how bad bum rashes could be, and how difficult it could be to clear up bum rashes. Well, Penaten is the most incredible product out there.  I have tried Desitin, but nothing compares to Penaten.  What makes Penaten so great and brag-worthy?  Well, for starters it doesn't have a strong smell.  I know my Desitin had such a strong smell, and when i would apply it, my babies would cry.  I didn't know if the smell or the fragrance would perhaps sting?  When I used Penaten, the babies never cried.  It had no fragrance or lingering smell.  The one thing you want to be careful of when using Penaten is to make sure the skin is dry (air-dried) because it works like a barrier cream and  keeps moisture off the skin, but if you apply to wet skin, the Penaten could hold in the moisture.

Saint Cloud, MN


Best Bootie Cream Out There


We have 3 children and our oldest was born in Germany.  Penatin was the diaper rash cream we were given in the German hospital and we used it with our daughter every day.  Then we moved back to the United States and realized we could not buy it easily here.  We decided to try other brands that we could get easily and were less expensive.  Nothing compared to Penatin.  So we tried expensive brands and there was still no comparison.   Penatin medicated diaper rash cream is wonderful for overnight healing of redness.  We have stocked up on it now and use it with our other two children daily.  It is thicker than most creams we have tried and also seems to go on more evenly.  I think you need a thick cream because that is the point - to keep moisture off the red area.  Other creams are runny and feel slimy when put up against Penatin.  It is great for that redness that can show up under newborn babies chins as well.  The can container is wonderful because you do not get too much like you can when you squeeze cream out of a tube.  And this stuff lasts!  Penatin is a bootie saver at our house!     

Madison, MS


OK Diaper rash cream


*This is okay, but not so great, its too thick of a cream, but it does its job, i rather buy either aveeno or clean baby. I want a cream that will be put on easy and smooth, not clumpy and messy, seems like this is a cream for antibiotics for cuts and scrapes.*

South Paris, ME


Penaten Medicated Diaper Rash Cream

4.3 3