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Pedigree Healthy Joints Formula Canned Dog Food

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Pedigree Healthy Joints Ground Entree-not for all dogs


When my little dog began to loose weight, primarily because she is an extremely active dog who cannot be still for a moment, I had to find a way to convince her to ear more frequently. It seemed only right to purchase Pedigree ground dog food to mix with her dry food. And the plan worked until I purchased one can of Pedigree Healthy Joints Entree. My dog ran over to her meal, took one sniff of it and looked at me as if I had just attempted to poison her. All day I attempted to give her small portions of the food and every time it was the same, she just looked at me with sad eyes as if I am a criminal. Finally, I opened another can of Pedigree ground dog food and gave put it into her food dish...she gobbled it up. Believe it or not, some dogs do smile, and it was comforting to know that my dog had forgiven me when I was rewarded by her 'smile'. I don't know what it is about the Pedigree Healthy Joints Entree that frightened my dog so badly, my Lab/Golden Retreiver mix just gobbled up what the little one refused to eat.  I have a theory that dogs know what foods are good for them, so I am staying with the regular ground Pedigree canned dog food from now on! Quality of Ingredients Quality ingredients means nothing if your dog refuses to eat the food. Flavor Selection Pedigree Dog food offers many flavors. I have two dogs, one loves Beef flavored food and the other can only eat Chicken flavored food.



My dog loves his Pedigree Heart Healthy Canned dog food.


My dog buddy has been diagnosed with a heart problem about 2 years ago. The vet prescribed 5 different medications. Since he does not like taking pills I had to find a dog food that we can mix his medications in that Buddy would eat. At the pet store the clerk recommended Pedigree heart healthy canned dog food . Buddy loves the taste even when I mix 5 different medications in his food. I should also note that when Buddy was first diagnosed with his heart condition, The Vet told us that Buddy might not make it 6 monthes. It has now been 2 years and Buddy is heathier than before. We just celebrated his 12th birthday.

Milford, PA


she loves it!


my dog is starting to get older so I started shopping around to look for a food that would have vitamins and nutrients in them that will cater to her needs. I was feeding her Iams dry and wet up until this point which I did not have any problems with. I found the pedigree healthy joints wet food and decided to try it because as most of us know, when dogs start aging, their joints are one of the first things to go and I wanted to be proactive in choosing a food for her. I still feed her the Iams dry but she really likes the pedigree healthy joints wet food with it more than she did the Iams wet. I also occasionally giver her the pedigree healthy weight and healthy heart to give her a variation in taste. she likes them all equally well. I'd recommend this dog food to anyone who has a dog, but especailly to anyone whose dog is approaching his/her "golden years". IMO, the earlier you start them on supplements, the longer their quality of life will last!

Vero Beach, FL


Dogs love Pedigree Healthy Joints


I have 3 dogs, one with joint problems, and I buy the Pedigree Healthy Joints for all 3. All of them really enjoy the nice meaty flavor, and the added glucosamine ingredients are very healthy. Much more reasonably priced, compared to the Prescription Diet I was previously buying. I haven't noticed a difference in my dog after switching either.

Spokane, WA


Pedigree Healthy Joints-Dogs love it!


I love Pedigree Healthy Joints canned dog food (well, not me, but my dogs love it). I have two VERY picky dogs who will not eat just anything, unlike any other dogs I have owned before. My dogs are a 1.5 year old Aerican Pit Bull Terrier and a 3 year old Labrador Retriever mix (mutt). I used to purchase the expensive Blue Buffalo dry dog food for them but it was getting way too expensive to feed. I gradually switched over to Pedigree dry dog food and they actually grew to like it. Now I know that Pedigree is no comparison to Blue Buffalo in terms of nutritional value, so I felt I needed to add something else to their diets. I saw the new Pedigree Healthy Joints canned food advertised and figured I may as well give it a try. This has special supplements to keep their joints lubricated and working well. The first can I opened and split between them. They devoured it and sat there staring at me wanting more. I have fed them the canned version mixed in with the dry for the past month and can tell their coats are shinier and they seem to have shinier eyes also. Pedigree Healthy Joints is a hit!

Winston Salem, NC


My very picky dog loves Pedigree Healthy Joins!!


I have a 12 year old female Chihuahua who is very, very spoiled. At a vet appointment, about a year ago or so, the vet told us my dog should be starting on some type of medicine for her joints.  The medicine he suggested was very expensive.  At about the same time my dog had to be switched to exclusively soft food because she had to have quite a few teeth pulled and only had a few left.  We started shopping for soft dog food and my dog would not eat many of the brands that we bought for her.  We went through several brands and several flavors. Luckily we came across the Pedigree Healthy Joints.  She loves this food.  She has never given us a problem about eating it.  And we love that there is an added benefit of added vitamins for her joints.  The price is very competitive with out brands of soft dog foods.  I would prefer it to come in smaller cans because my dog is so small and eats such small amounts at each feeding, but otherwise, I have no complaints. 

El Mirage, AZ


Pedigree Healthy Joints Formula Canned Dog Food

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