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Use Panasonic.com find parts or service area near you!


Panasonic.com is not a simple site where you just go and log in and pick your product, put it in your virtual cart and checkout, but it is still a very helpful site. Yes, you can order directly through Panasonic by contacting their customer service but you won't find any of their prices online. I use the site for a couple of reasons. I know I can go to Panasonic.com when I need help locating a part for a broken item or if something is missing. My last visit to Panasonic was to find a replacement battery for my digital camcorder. Instead of trying to find a manual or search online for one, I simply went to Panasonic.com and went to their customer service area. There you are able to chat live directly with one of their customer service representatives. I simply provided the model number of my digital camcorder told them what I needed and I was able to place my order right there. I also like to visit the website just to see what's new and learn about new products and read reviews and ratings of the products that I'm considering purchasing. It's very helpful and if you need something repaired, the customer service center online can direct you to the nearest repair shop.



Never purchase an item


I had purchased an LED television from the Panasonic website as I believed in Panasonic and was an owner of Panasonic camera which lasted for a decade. I wish I had not purchased the product as the delivery was made after 45 days from the date I purchased it. I went on sending emails and made about 15 calls to their customer care department and their agents were so rude. They told me that I will be informed when the delivery will be made and not to keep calling with the same problem. If they had told this earlier, I would have never placed an order with them. Once the product arrived, the delivery boy fixed it and went away. After about a week, the remote control stopped working and even after using new batteries, none of the channels could be changed. I was helpless and so I called the customer care department. They sent an agent after 3 days and replaced the remote control and asked me a tip which I had to pay him. I will never order any product from Panasonic again after my bad experience.



Panasonic is becoming irrelevant


I had a Panasonic Plasma that I ordered from the site, however I was experiencing some burn out issues within the warranty period. When I tried contacting technical support, it was very difficult to get a hold of and it took me several weeks before I got a person who was able to understand the issue that I was having. I purchased another television set during the bBlack Friday sales, and it was one of the deal stoppers. When I placed the order it was confirmed, however I got an email that it was cancelled and the price will not be honored because they were oversold. They will not give me a rian check at all and my order was cancelled because it could not be fulfilled at all. Very bad service and their stock update should have been accurate to reflect this. They have a year to prepare for Black Friday and they have disappointed instead. Not worth the hassle from purchasing through their website and much better to do it through Bestbuy instead. I hope their customer service is not a relfection of their company's policy to customer care and quality of manufacturing




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