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Panasonic - DMR-EH55 DVD Recorder

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You will never watch live TV again.


About a year ago, I bought my second Panasonic DVR (digital video recorder). I bought model number DMR-EH55 which comes with a 200mb hard drive. I currently have about 100 TV shows recorded and ready to watch. Other than fast fowarding through commercials, this machine came in very handy last week when I lost my cable for about eight hours. I had plenty to watch. Another thing I love about this recorder, is that I can record all the new shows and watch them when I want. I am retired, but my wife is very busy, and can only watch TV at certain times. She now never misses a show. Set up is very easy with the On-Screen TV Guide. The TV grid comes up on screen, you pick the show to record, verify it, and it is done. The only problem I have had was losing the grid a couple of times. It rebuilds itself, but takes a couple of days. All things considered, I would recomend the DMR-EH55 to anyone that enjoys TV. You will wonder how you ever lived without it.

Marlton, NJ


Panasonic - DMR-EH55 DVD Recorder

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