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AT&T - U-Verse Cisco IPN 4320

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Just ordered replacement for the replacement... Will be 3rd box


We have had Uverse service for only 4 months, the initial IPN4320 Cisco Box lasted approx 1 month. The second arrived via UPS and we had to return the broken one to UPS ourselves, although they paid the shipping. Yesterday, the newer one, the replacement, went out. They are sending out a tech tomorrow, hopefully they give us a different model this time. One that will last and we don't lose over 100 hours of DVR recordings. >:(




A Stellar DVR Device, So Far


***Bottom-Line:*** If you are thinking about going with *AT&T U-Verse* you'll want to request the **Cisco IPN-4320 DVR Receiver**, you'll be glad you did. No longer willing to put up with the *Dish*, we recently had *AT&T U-Verse* installed (we opted for the HD digital cable service and broadband Internet) and so far the results are spectacular using the **AT&T U-Verse Cisco IPN-4320 DVR Receiver**!   **The 411** The small, silver, **Cisco IPN-4320 DVR Receiver** provided *Total Home DVR* offers up to 233 hours of SD, or 65 hours of HD programming on 350GB of storage medium in a surprisingly small package.  Oh the marvels of micro-electronics.   The front of the unit is fitted with the usual controls; e.g. power button, menu controls, link (yellow), HD (blue), and Record (red) LED's etc.  The back of the unit is rather busy; there you will find an RJ-45 port (for connection to the residential gateway), another USB port, HDMI port, various video and audio ports including S-Video, and power.  The USB ports have a yet-to-be disclosed function.       **My Viewpoint ** With the **Cisco IPN-4320 DVR Receiver** I can pause live television-up to an hour including programs already in progress-record programs; on the fly or through programming.  The **IPN-4320 **also programs while you watch making it easy to pause and reverse a program.  So if you miss something vital you can reverse the program and watch it again.  And the big selling point of the **IPN-4320: **its ability to record up to (4) programs at once; (2) HD and (2) SD (standard definition) programs.  But, be forewarned, if you choose to record (4) programs at once you will not be able to watch live television.  Or, if you decide to record (2) HD programs at once you will not be able to watch live HD programming.  The same is true of SD recording.    Setting the **IPN-4320 **to record a program in the future is a simple process; just page through the program guide, select the program you want and select it.  If the program is not running in real-time, the **IPN-4320 **will switch to a menu that allows you to record the program once, daily, or weekly.  If the program is running in real time a menu will pop up with several options that will allow you to record the program; I usually chose to record until the end of the program.  Once the program is recorded it can be accessed any time via a menu system; a black ***Recorded TV*** button is located on the remote is used to access the "*Recorded Events*" menu.  Once the program is viewed, it can be deleted, or protected from deletion.  Note however, the protection procedure does not include a password.  Recorded programs are listed in chronological order making it easy to select the program you want to view.  Or they can be viewed in date order.  While viewing the program, you can of course pause it, or move forward or backward through the program.  Overall, I have been very happy with the **Cisco IPN-4320 DVR Receiver**.  Picture quality is excellent utilizing the HDMI output directly to my HD television.  Sound quality is excellent, thanks to the Dolby Digital audio output, piped through 5-1 speakers.  If you are thinking about going with *AT&T U-Verse* you'll want to request the **Cisco IPN-4320 DVR Receiver**, you'll be glad you did.   


Aurora, IL


Good quality, slow response, AT&T U-verse Cisco IPN 4320


Our family purchased four of these AT&T U-verse CISCO IPN 4320 DVRs when we joined AT&T U-verse. Previously we used Dish Network. This DVR receiver moves much more slowly than I would like. No matter the freshness of the batteries in the remote or which receiver in the house I am using, the response time on this receiver is slow. I can plan to wait 4-5 seconds after pressing "Okay" to wake the system up in the morning for it to move to either the last station used or to the guide. If I am watching tv and want to see the guide or the menu of recordings, I can play on a 2-3 second delay between options. I have to be careful not to get "ahead" of the DVR by pressing too much too quickly, even if I'm sure that I know what to do. The response time on the system itself is very slow and it's almost as if I'm typing my entries into the remote faster than the DVR receiver can understand what I'm telling it to do. That has taken some adjusting to. Sometimes the receiver locks up, but this happens randomly and infrequently, not enough to fuss over too much right now.


Mcdonough, GA


AT&T U-verse Cisco IPN 4320


Over all the AT&T U-Verse Cisco IPN 4320 seems to do very well. I have had a few problems though. The first one I received would freeze up and loose the link and if you were recording something it would not record or you could not watch any recorded shows on any of the TV's that were hooked to it. You would have to reset the system to get the link back and this would happen several times a day. They give me a new DVR and it is better but from time to time it freezes too.


Salisbury, NC


Once you go U-Verse you'll never go back!


We have had our At&t U-verse for two years now. We had just moved and tried to get satellite t.v. put in but it didn't work out. Comcast was so ridiculouly rude to us on the phone I refused to use them. Direct TV came to our house and said because of one scrawny tree we could not get reception. It was maddening. I finally tried At&t and was thrilled to find out there was no need for a satellite and they were friendly on the phone. We have U-Verse with a DVR. Can I tell you that we have never been happier and we will never go back! The price was right and the service is amazing. Our DVR service through At&t is the best there is! You can tape up to four different shows at the same time - which sounds excessive but we have used it! My sister-in-law has a local company named WOW and there DVR is always saying it's too full. I explain to her that we have the whole last season of Lost on our DVR, a crazy amount of kids shows, and a few movies and she cannot believe how much storage it has. Her WOW DVR would not even hold a whole season of Lost - let alone everything else we have. It's a great company that for two years has billed us correctly, given us good service, and has the best DVR ever!!


Plymouth, MI


Ditch the satellite!


I got tired of Directv raising prices so recently switched to AT&T U-verse. Love the features available. DVR is amazing, can record and watch in any room. The only negative is that it doesn't allow you to preselect channels to watch.


Fort Lauderdale, FL


Who wouldn't LOVE AT&T U-Verse?!


You may be wondering why I didn't give AT&T U-Verse five stars if I think everyone in their right mind should love it....and I'll tell you.  It's not available in my area.  I moved at the end of last year, and we had AT&T U-Verse at our previous residence and absolutely loved it.  We could watch all of our favorite shows, whenever we wanted, without interruption - skipping all the annoying commercials.  It saved time, we never had to be home at a certain time to catch shows as they aired.  It was absolutely wonderful!  But now that I've moved and they don't service our street, I'm a little disappointed in them.  I was told they aren't expanding their coverage areas anytime soon...so I'm left in the dust while everyone else gets to enjoy this wonderful piece of technology.  For anyone who has the ability to get this service (because it's available where you live) I would strongly recommend getting it.  I'm sure you'll love it just as much as I did.


Saint Louis, MO


AT&T is a great service worth the money, even if a bit shaky


We have used AT&T services for the last two decades and LOVE U-Verse. The fast internet, the many channels, and just everything is simply amazing. However, the big flaw in it is that when the weather gets bad, the service gets disrupted and we end up with nothing for a good couple of hours. The DVR receiver is great, you can record just about every show and watch it later. Now that they have an iPhone application it's just as great too, you can record upcoming shows on the go. The series thing is pretty cool too because you can have it so it tapes every instance of the show on that channel. The only problem we seem to have with ours is that the volume is sometimes low, but that is often just the channel itself. We're also currently experimenting problems where our recorded shows go missing, even if we tell the system to keep them until we ourselves erase. Other than those problems, we love having it.


The Colony, TX


the IPN4320 is the best dvr ever, so far.


the IPN4320 is the best dvr ive ever owned, mine has 300 hours of sd recording and 123 of hd, can pause live tv up to 90 mins. and the picture and sound quality is unrivaled. its very dependable, ive had it for 4 months now and have never had a problem with it. i highly recommend this product. it has all the bells and whistles and i dont have to pay for it so thats a plus. att uverse is by far better than cable or sattelite tv. its the greatest. i bundled the net, cell, uverse and home phone, with 450 channels its very inexpensive. i cant believe it. i highly recommend it. it gets five stars from me.


Fayetteville, AR


AT&T - U-Verse Cisco IPN 4320

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