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Panasonic Canister Vacuum

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I love this vacuum - it's easy to use and does a great job


This little machine is super. I decided to retire my old upright vacuum and get a smaller lighter weight one. I really didn't want a canister type of vacuum but finally decided on a Panasonic MC-CG902. I wasn't convinced that this light-weight vacuum would be able to do the job of cleaning that I needed. My concern was totally erased the first time I used it. Maneuverability It is so easy to move this machine from room to room and the headlight is a added feature that really helps a lot to see what and where you are vacuuming. What I really like is being able to use the machine on different heights of carpet or even bare floors, just by making a adjustment on the handle. Ease of Maintenance This machine comes with a great assortment of tools to use. The attachments store in a convenient storage area and I love that I don' have parts laying around in my way. Suction Performance This little machine works great on all types of floors and even has the suction power needed to clean a wood floor but it is gentle enough that it doesn't scratch those expensive wood floors. Design The unit is so compact that it makes storing easy and the extra's that it offers like the headlight makes this machine top of the line and for me the bright red color is fun. Durability This machine is built to last. It has a filter for allergies, the attachments are strong, the connections are easy to do and they are easy to connect. Even the storage bin for the attachments is strong enough that it stays closed even if you turn the machine on end for storing.


Peoria, AZ


Good vacuum cleaner


This Panasonic is a good canister vacuum cleaner. We've had our used one for six years & it's still going strong. The owner before us had it a good 5-10 years before us! So it's really held up well! It runs well, never has smoking overheating issues & does a good job picking up all the dirt & trash. I always feel like it leaves the floors clean. If I had one complaint, it would just be that it seems to fill up very fast. That said, that's not a huge complaint. I change the bag outs out once a month & it's very easy to do. Other that that, it runs great & does its job very well. I bought ours used, so not brand new prices, but I have looked at brand new prices. And it's worth it. A pretty average price for a vacuum cleaner. I wouldn't hesitate to get this vacuum cleaner over again...even new. It's a great vacuum. And it has lasted a long time. Longer than most I hear of. So it is definitely worth the money. You'll probably have it a good 10-15 years.


Enfield, CT


Excellent Vacuum cleaner!


I've always used upright vacuums, but once I tried this gem, I will NEVER go back! This vacuum is lightweight, absolutely a breeze to use (the wheels make it extremely easy to maneuver and the attachment gets into all the nooks and crannies) and works very well to pick up dirt! The cord is pretty long so you don't have to keep re-plugging it in, it's lightweight, and good for both bare floors and rugs. I don't have any pets, so I can't speak to how it cleans up very dirty places, but for regular cleaning it's great. Bonus is that you can vacuum the couch, too!...All without back pain....or spending money on bags :)




I would only recommend for hardwood floors only.


It works well on hardwood floors. On carpets though, it did not do the job at all, very little sunction and the brush does not work at all. I liked it for picking up pet hair and dust on hardwood but it was very difficult on my area rugs. Very hard to push and I had to go back and forth over and over. I would not buy this product again.


Branford, CT


Panasonic Canister Vacuum

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