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Pampers Thick Care Baby Wipes - Unscented

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great baby wipes


The pampers thick care baby wipes are great. They are thicker then regular pampers baby wipes, and they hold up better for those really messy diapers. They cost about the same as thee other pamperes baby wipes too. Durability They hold up well and wont rip or tear. The pacage is good too. It has a thick platic "flap" that clips closed to keep the baby wipes from drying out. Performance These baby wipes are great for diaper changes, cleaning little ones hands and faces, as well as cleaning up small spills. Scent They do have a slight scent, not overwhelming, very nice.

Beaverton, OR


Pampers ThickCare Wipes are not my favorite, but they are ok.


I bought these wipes recently because they were a great deal with a coupon code on amazon.com. I really love the pamper's sensitive wipes, so I was hoping these would be very similar. They are not nearly as soft and easy on my baby's skin, but they are still softer than huggies wipes which I absolutely despise. I really don't understand why people would want a "thicker" wipe. I have never had issues with any wipes being too thin for diaper changes or messy hands. (It kind of makes me wonder what exactly people do with baby wipes that "too thin" is a problem - cleaning the floor?) My plan is to use these wipes for basic diaper changes and hand/face cleanings on occasion, but if I am ever dealing with one of those poops that is really stuck to the skin, or if my baby ever has diaper rash or irritation, I will for sure use the pamper's sensitive wipes that I have for those occasions! All that said, I don't think I will buy these wipes again unless they are super on sale.

Mckinney, TX


Good but not the best!


Wipes are wipes, right? Pampers puts out some pretty awesome coupons, so I snatched up several packages of these bad boys when I had some coupons for them. They're not the best, but they were free or almost free with my coupons, so I'm not complaining. If I had my choice, I'd use the Huggies Naturally Refreshing wipes all of the time, but like I said, free is free! These wipes do, in fact, have sort of a weird smell. It's not terribly noticeable unless you're into sniffing wipes, so it's not a huge ordeal. They're also not very soft, which does pose a small problem, since my baby's rear happens to be very sensitive. I ended up having some of these left, so we just use them for general wiping, not for heavily soiled diapers. They work just fine and don't tear, but aren't the softest. They are also pretty thick, hence the name, so they keep the poo off of you pretty well. All in all, they're a good deal IF you have coupons. If not, stick to the Huggies wipes.

Little Rock, AR


It doesn't need to be this thick!


I am a loyal Pampers brand fan.  It is the only brand I've used with my third child.  I shopped mostly for bargains with the first two, but I realize now that paying the little extra is worth it.  However, the thick wipes to me are way too harsh.  Why does it need to be this thick?  It doesn't shape to my little one's tush because it's too stiff.  I much prefer their thinner, softer wipes.  It's easier to use and seems so much more gentler on my little one.  I bought the thick brand because I got such a great price through Amazon and I would use them again if I had gotten another good price, however, given a choice I would definitely prefer the original or senstive.  On a side note - these thick wipes would be great for general cleaning of other things in your house.  I actually have my older kids clean out their toothpaste spit out of their bathroom sink using baby wipes.  So I would recommend these for something other than my baby's bottom!

Mankato, MN


Pampers ThickCare Wipes are Great!


I read some bad reviews about these wipes - that they were rough and dry and more like paper towels than a wipe.  I bought them anyway because they were such a good price and I was pleasantly surprised to find those reviewers were way off base.  Yes, they are thicker (hence the name ThickCare Wipes) but they certainly don't feel like a cloth or a paper towel.  They are not as drippy wet as some of the thin ones which I like.  They do the job well, they are a great price, I have absolutely no complaints.  My one word of caution ... everyone should know this anyway but never, ever, ever flush these down the toilet.  I can get away with flusing a few regular wipes down the toilet here and there if I'm in a bind - but definitely not these.   I was guilty of flushing a few - and shortly after the downstairs toilet and shower were overflowing.  My husband opened up the pipes and there they were - 3 wipes! Don't do it!!!  Other than that - they are fabulous.

Medford, NY


Pampers ThickCare WIpes do the trick with ease


Pampers ThickCare Wipes, Unscented are the wipes we turn to when the job is... well, a bit intimidating! The Pampers ThickCare Wipes are not super thick, but the quilting helps make them fairly strong without being tough or starchy. I feel comfortable using them on faces and hands as well as on baby's bottom and they clean up the mess well. The Pampers ThickCare Wipes do not feel overly moist. I find this helpful because my child's bottom does not stay wet, leading to diaper rash, but is simply cleaned well. I use the unscented version of the Pampers ThickCare Wipes to avoid any irritation and have had no issues. They do have a bit of smell to them but no real scent - more like a plastic smell. If you don't have issues with sensitive skin you might consider the scented version to avoid this. Pampers ThickCare Wipes are alcohol free. As with all Pampers products, Pampers ThickCare Wipes, Unscented, 504 count boxes participate in the Pampers Gifts to Grow rewards programs. You will find reward codes on each individual package. These codes are entered online (create an account for free) and can be used to purchase various rewards.

Tampa, FL


Pampers Thick Care Baby Wipes - Unscented

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