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Pampered Chef
Pampered Chef Twixit!

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Pampered Chef Twixits need some tweaking!


I received a set of **Pampered Chef Twixits** in a gift basket. I am always in need of chip clips and closures of all types, so I was excited because I actually needed this seemingly random item in my gift basket. To use them, simply snap them closed over the food's packaging and press it at the side until it locks. The set comes with a variety of sizes that you would think meet all of your needs. Unfortunately, this product is a fail for me and I won't recommend them. Because the largest Twixit isn't very large, you have to fold over the package you want to seal in a way that the Twixit will be able to close over, and often times, the folded over packaging is too thick and the Twixit won't lock, meaning the product is ineffective and useless at keeping your goods sealed. Unless you have very small things to close/seal, these aren't very helpful.


Camp Lejeune, NC


A very handy item - can be used everywhere!


Another product from Pampered Chef that is a must for every household! I buy them every time I attend a party so that I can include them in bridal shower gifts. I've been married for 18 years and I'm fairly certain that some of these great clips are still in use in my home. I have bought some of the newer clips because of the fun color varieties that Pampered Chef continues to introduce. Every kitchen cabinet has products that are closed with Twixit! clips - and they are even used in the freezer at our house.  We love the variety of sizes also - there is a size to fit the smallest to the largest products.  I love the freshness that these clips preserve in the products they hold closed. A bag of chips or pretzels tastes as fresh as the moment it was opened if held shut by a Pampered Chef Twixit! clip.  There are a million uses for them around the house - the laundry room, my husband's shop, the garage. Other brands make this product, but Pampered Chef produces the best one - without a doubt.


Rensselaer, IN


Twixit Clips are a great addition to any wedding gift!


Pampered Chef Twixit! Clips are very versitile.  I use Twixit! Clips to keep many foods fresh after opening them: Potato chips, marshmellows, baking chips, and most importantly cereal.  I despise stale cereal and twixit clips keep the air out and you can keep the cereal in the original box!  I also use twixit clips in the fridge on pre-packaged salad mix and cheese bags that I accidently tear thru the reasealable zipper.  I also use twixit clips in the freezer for frozen vegetable, bisquits and chicken fries.  If I am going to a wedding shower or wedding and I am giving any other kitchen item I always throw in a pack of twixit clips.  The clips add color to the gift and are inexpensive.  I have been using twixit clips for over 5 years and have only had one clip break from overuse.   My spouse likes to neatly fold the chip bag to keep out extra air in addition to using the twixit clip.  On super busy canning days I have even used a twixit clip to keep my hair out of my face!


Faulkton, SD


Pampered Chef Twixit!

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