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Pacer Circuit Treadmill

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My circuit pacer is the greatest piece of exercise equipment.


I was given my pacer circuit by mother in law. It is the best piece of exercise equipment I own. I use it daily in the winter when i can't get outside and walk. I use the book holder everytime I use it. I don't feel cramped or crowded when using it. I have plenty of room to walk or run. I use the heart monitor to keep an eye on my heart rate. It also tracks my steps and laps and my calories burned and fat calories. It is all right in front of me and ealy to see. I like the incline adustment that it has. I can change it while I am in the middle of walking. I don't have to stop the machine to change it. It also has a security strap which is great in case you fall. I drink while walking and this has two built in cup holders. It is also very quiet so I can watch television while walking without turning up the tv very loud. I am very pleased with my treadmill and would recommend it to anyone.

Guthrie, OK


Pacer Circuit Treadmill

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