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Oster 10-Speed Blender

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best blender I've ever had.


I love this blender I had one before this brand and absolutely hated it, it would wobble and at times leak from the lid was very annoying and difficult to deal with. Once I switched to the Oster brand I fell in love! Its amazing doesn't leak, its powerful enough to crush all my items in its blades!! I love to use it for special drinks and to make my salsas! Amazing would definitely be buying another when this one runs out




Low power. Burned out quickly.


Burned out motor after a couple of weeks of regular use. Replaced with high speed blender.


Valdosta, GA


Sufficient, but not amazing blender


I don't want to knock this blender entirely. It's perfect for a poor college student that likes to make juice smoothies or someone that would rather spend money eating out instead of on fancy home cookware appliances. It serves a purpose, just not especially well. Firstly, for ease of cleaning, which I'll get to later, the bottom of the blender screws off. This is exceedingly problematic if the bottom wasn't VERY tightly screwed on prior to blending. If you go to take the blender off the mount after blenderizing and accidentally twist, there is a decent likelihood you could untwist the bottom of the blender and end up with your pants, shoes, and kitchen floor covered in a flood of whatever you were mixing. As far as ease of cleaning, the gusto and power that this machine exerts is barely enough to chop ice consistently into pearl sized pieces much less release caked food from a teeny crevice. The blade and bottom are detachable, so you could soak the parts separately in a bowl of hot water, just being extra vigilant that the super sharp blade doesn't nick your hand. Great for lightly blending of protein shakes, but not so great for high pulp purée soups or frozen drinks with the expectation of a perfectly smooth consistency.


Chicago, Illinois


Doesn't Chop Ice, Everything Gets Stuck in the Blade


I BOUGHT THIS PRODUCT MYSELF. You get what you pay for. I have to crush the ice myself before I crush it in the blender because it's not powerful enough to handle it. I make smoothies in it, but everything gets stuck down in the blade, so I constantly have to stir it myself, then blend again.


Elmira, NY


10 speed YES Please


It is a fine looking budget priced blender. The lid fits properly and is light weight enough to pour from one full. The blades were efficient and the motor is of average volume. Crushing ice is always the best test, and it does just fine getting an even consistency. A few chunks we left a bit larger. Sauces are easy with this blender. Smoothness is attainable. Whip home made cream with ease. The cord is of average length, but with most blenders and other kitchen appliances, a retractable cord would add to the appeal. Most parts detach and make for a quick and easy clean up. Speed settings are great. There are 10 different setting to get whatever it is you are trying to chop, blend, crush, or whip.


Ardmore OK


Great Blender!


This is a great budget-friendly blender. The motor is strong and the blades are powerful. It's also easy to select the proper setting for what you are preparing. This blender is great at crushing ice and also makes great smoothies. Everything is well blended and or liquified appropriately. Clean up is also very easy, simply rinse with warm water immediately after use. The blender cup is easy to take apart to facilitate thorough cleaning.


Cleveland, OH


Healthier Blending


My son has been trying eat and drink more healthy. I had not had a blender in a while, and had some problems in the past. After looking at several different ones, I decided on the Oster 10 Speed Black Blender. I am truly pleased with my decision. It works great. He loves how it blends to make his smoothies and protein shakes and I love the crushed ice option. Very good product for you money.


Pike County, KY


Okay Blender for the price


I have used this blender for about 6 months, but only using it a few times a week. It is a great size to be able to conveniently keep on the kitchen counter without taking up too much room. The base is stable and pretty heavy for the smaller footprint. The pitcher is plastic, but holds up pretty well and has 3 sides with grooves so you can pour easily. The lid is soft and molded so that it fits snugly in the pitcher. It also has a hard plastic center piece to make it easy to hold the top. There are several settings to choose from and they all worked great for about 15 uses. After that, some of the buttons stopped working completely. The ice crushing worked and still works, but I think it may be too much for this model. It causes the seal at the bottom to leak, which causes a mess and an odor if you do not take the entire seal and bottom piece apart for each cleaning.


Atlanta, Georgia


Amazing blender


Great product




Oster 10-Speed Blender

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