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About Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice awards

The best products you can buy

The Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice awards recognize the consumer products that users most consistently recommend.

Viewpoints is a trusted place to find consumer reviews. Our users are passionate about finding a good deal. 72 percent tell us: “I’m excited to tell others about a good product.” It’s the number one reason our registered members say they write reviews (Viewpoints User Survey, June 2013). 

We’ve been in the consumer reviews business since 2007. Viewpoints has now collected 512,000+ reviews of 35,000+ products — everything from kitchen appliances to mattresses to insurance. Our rich, detailed consumer sentiment helps shoppers make smart buying decisions and gives manufacturers impartial customer feedback.  Because of our experience, review volume and scale, we’re excited to take this logical next step.

The Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice awards are about honoring those products that positively delight customers.

The Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice winners are based solely on the opinions of you, the reviewer. The top awards are Best Overall (most popular) and Best Value (a bargain). So we invite you to check out the top winners. You’ll also see the Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice badge on the pages of award-winning products throughout our website.

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Award Levels

Reviewers' Choice award - Best Overall

Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice: Best Overall

  • The highest product honor on Viewpoints
  • Reflects consistently excellent consumer feedback on a product currently available
  • Given to no more than one product in a given category
  • Not awarded if no product in a category meets eligibility requirements


Reviewers Choice Best Value award Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice: Best Value

  • The best product you can buy for the lowest price
  • Product must first meet ‘Reviewers’ Choice’ award eligibility
  • Given to no more than one product in a given category
  • Based on manufacturer’s list price
  • Value score is based on the product’s rating/price ratio
  • Winner has highest value score among award-eligible products

Viewpoints Reviewers Choice awardViewpoints Reviewers’ Choice: Highly Recommended

  • An excellent product choice, a strong reviewer favorite
  • Only in-market products meeting certain review requirements are eligible
  • May be given to multiple products in a category


We believe you can buy any Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice winning product with absolute confidence. When you do, come back to Viewpoints. Write a review to share your experience with others. We plan to announce awards on a monthly basis, and your opinions will help determine future Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice picks.


Ninja Master Prep Pro System

6 percent Blenders

It’s a high bar

How many products on Viewpoints are awards eligible? Not many. That’s because few products can maintain a high score on our website as more and more reviewers rate their experiences in the home.

Four factors are considered:

Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Deluxe

13 percent Juicers

1. Product rating

When posting a review, consumers rate the product (1 to 10), as well as specific attributes (1 to 10).  In addition to the rating, consumers explain why they graded the product as they did. After three reviews are collected, a product gets a score (1 to 100). Only those products rated 85-100 are considered. To be eligible for ‘Best Overall,’ the product must have a rating of at least 90. In a few cases, there’s no ‘Best Overall’ awarded because no product is rated high enough.

Cuisinart Power Advantage 7-Speed Hand Mixer HM-70

8 percent Mixers

2. Product review volume

It’s fairly common for a new product to collect three positive reviews or even five. But experience shows that after about a dozen people weigh in about what they liked (and didn’t), that 90+ rating won’t hold up. That’s why we take products with the most reviews most seriously. We’ll always mention how many reviews our selection is based upon. At this time, a product needs at least 15 reviews to be eligible for a Reviewers’ Choice award.

Keurig Mini Plus Single-Cup Brewing System B31

8 percent Coffee Makers

3. Reviewer reputation

We require users to write a helpful review. The average character length of a review on Viewpoints is 659 characters, or 137 words (September 2013). Winning products have richly detailed reviews. We also consider the reputation of that reviewer on our site. Has the reviewer shown a passion for giving user feedback that offers both the pros and cons?  If so, that reviewer’s positive opinion will lend greater support for award consideration. Most reviewers of winning products have reviewed many others

Cuisinart Convection Bread Maker CBK-200

9 percent Bread Machines

4. Review recency

All winners have one final thing in common. Reviews have been posted within the last year. We think that’s important because, while some products have been on the market for several years, models and packaging may change. Having updated reviews ensures that we are reflecting how the product performs today.

FAQs about Viewpoints’ Reviewers Choice awards

Why is Viewpoints giving Reviewers’ Choice product awards?

How can I give my own feedback about products?

Can I nominate a product?

How are the Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice awards different from other product awards?

What can manufacturers do to ensure their products are awards eligible?

How can I find out more about the Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice awards?

What product categories are coming up?

Why is Viewpoints giving Reviewers’ Choice product awards?

Viewpoints collects consumer reviews to help offer the best guidance possible to shoppers, however, with more than 35,000 reviewed products on our site, it can be difficult to pinpoint the products that have stood the test of time. As a product receives more consumer reviews, the picture of its quality comes into clearer view. The Viewpoints’ Reviewers Choice awards allow us to clearly identify those ‘diamonds’ that are worth your consideration, depending on your needs and budget.

How can I give my own feedback about products?

Write a review! While Viewpoints doesn’t require registration to read reviews, we actively encourage registration so that you can offer your own insights and others may benefit from what you have learned. Many of our users link their Facebook accounts to make signing in simple. That’s also a good way to see which of your friends have left reviews on our site. In 2013, we launched Viewpoints Rewards. When you write a qualifying review that is at least 700 characters long in an eligible product category, you’ll earn Rewards Points that will be awarded to your account and visible on the “Your Rewards” section of your profile upon Viewpoints’ approval of the review. Every 500 points you earn can be redeemed on Viewpoints for gift cards to a variety of retailers, such as Amazon. And of course, your review will help us decide which products are eligible for Reviewers’ Choice awards next time.

Can I nominate a product?

Viewpoints doesn’t accept nominations for Reviewers’ Choice. Only products that are reviewed on our site can be considered. If you’re a manufacturer, you should let us know if any of your products are missing from our site or need to be updated. That’s the first important step to collecting reviews and receiving recognition.

We’re also changing the way reviews are managed with Viewpoints Pulse, a breakthrough product that gives brands the ability to claim their products and respond to reviewers directly — a “win-win” for manufacturers and consumers. With Pulse, brands can customize their product pages with additional images and updated information, and in coming weeks, we’ll offer consumer sentiment analytics.

If you’d like more information about claiming a product on Viewpoints and Viewpoints Pulse, please contact:

Jennifer Voight, Vice President of Sales


Phone: 312.447.2596

How are the Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice awards different from other product awards?

Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice is one of the few product awards based strictly on reviews written by ordinary consumers. Most well-known awards are the opinions of experts or the results of a research survey. Other awards focus only on new products and/or require manufacturers to pay to have their products included.  We believe consumers are the best judges of product excellence. While Viewpoints accepts advertising, the Reviewers’ Choice awards are independent and recognize the products of advertisers and non-advertisers alike. Our judging criteria is transparent and administered uniformly. We purposely kept Reviewers’ Choice simple to use and understand.

One other thing. We know getting a good deal is more important than ever. Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice may be the only consumer product award honoring great products that don’t cost a lot. Our top awards showcase the best of both worlds: ‘Best Overall‘ and ‘Best Value.’

What can manufacturers do to ensure their products are awards eligible?

After checking to make sure your products are represented on our site, each product must have at least 15 reviews to be considered for Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice. It is in a brand’s interest to make sure its customers know about Viewpoints and contribute honest feedback. Viewpoints has zero tolerance for fake reviews, and we take aggressive steps to remove reviews that don’t appear to be authentic and sincere. So while encouraging your customers to leave reviews on Viewpoints is appropriate, paying customers to leave positive reviews is not. Any product with suspicious reviews will be disqualified from Reviewers’ Choice.

How can I find out more about the Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice awards?

If you’d like to reach out to Viewpoints about the Reviewers’ Choice awards, please contact:

Brittany Heidtke, Director of Marketing


Phone: 312.447.6106

What product categories are coming up?

Reviewers’ Choice is a year-round awards program. Every month, Viewpoints will recognize exceptional products and related e-commerce. Here are some of the categories we have planned in 2014:

Health & Beauty Products - Jan and Feb, 2014

Money Products - March, 2014

Travel Websites - March, 2014

Home & Garden Products - April and May, 2014

Babies & Kids Products - June, 2014

Large Kitchen Appliances -  July, 2014

Mattresses - August, 2014

Laundry & Cleaning Appliances - September, 2014

Pet Care Products - October, 2014

—Updated 1/23/14