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Oreck DutchTech Canister Vacuum

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Oreck DutchTech Canister Vacuum DTX1400 Review!


This is great vacuum. It is an Oreck so it will last forever. The vacuum is great for all types of floors. I use it on hardwood, bathroom tile and carpet. It has great suction and does not loose suction until the bag gets very full. Maneuverability The canister has to be pulled around and that is the only bad thing about the vacuum. The carpet attachment and the hard floor attachment are very easy to push around and then can go pretty much anywhere. Ease of Maintenance Never have had a problem with the vacuum except changing the bag. So Maintenance is very easy. Suction Performance Really great. There is even an adjustment to change the power level. Versatility Works on every type of floor. You can even use the hose to vacuum cobwebs off the ceiling. Design It is sleek and holds all the attachments inside it. Durability It is an oreck so the durability is great. It is suppose to last a lifetime or until you get bored with it and want a new one or a different model.



Great simple powerful vacuum.


The dutchtech vacuum has alot of power and has a three year warranty. It is easy to use and has quiet mode which has come in handy. Just before the three year warranty expired, the light on it went out. It was an electrical problem. The vacuum came back from repairs with new scratches, a used brush and little things broken on it that weren't broken before. We made a stink and it took a long time to get it sorted out, but they finally decided to give us a vacuum that had been returned by someone within the thirty day trial period. they did not renew the 3 year contract. We are happy with our vacuum and we love that you can attach an optional hepa filter. there is also a filter in the bag area. we never have dust come out of our vacuum. it also comes with a hard floor attachment, and three other attachments.  

Everett, WA


Oreck DutchTech Canister Vacuum

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