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Orbeez Hand Spa


Bringing home the ultimate nail spa experience, the Orbeez Hand Spa features a whirlpool of swirling Orbeez, and a 3-in-one nail care tool! Relax your hands under the cascading waterfall while the Orbeez swirl around, creating a soothing sensation. And then take care your nails with the nail care tool, which provides tools for buffing, massaging and cuticle care. Comes with 600 Orbeez.

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Not a great product


My eleven year old daughter just had to have this for her and her friends to use at a slumber party. The orbeez beads are very slimy and most of the girls did not want to put their hands into the spa bowl because they didn't like the way they felt. The orbeez also did not stay in the container when the girls put their hand down into the basin. They splashed out onto the table. We had a dishtowel under the bowl and the orbeez stuck to the dishtowel. Overall, this toy was way more messy than it was worth. We ended up throwing it away at the end of the night.

Odessa, TX


Feels So Grown Up


I originally got this for my niece who is all into fashion and everything to do with beauty. But I have to say that it has exceeded my expectations and become quite a hit with my boys for pampering Mommy...I won't argue with that! The Orbeez Hand Spa actually has cascading water that runs over your hands to make it feel like you're getting a real manicure. It's a luxurious experience without ever leaving home. My best use of this was for a slumber party for my niece and her classmates (all girls). I set up different beauty stations. The manicure station was by far the crowd favorite! Kids can take turns pampering each other with the swirling streams of water that come from actual jets. There is even a manicure tool included in the package for a legitimate feel. I love that this encourages social interaction that doesn't revolve around TV. It promotes caring for each other while having fun and feeling beautiful. I love when my boys will attempt to pamper me as well. I have used it with all of my nieces now and it has never disappointed!

Dallas, TX


Not bad but not amazing either


I bought this toy for my future niece-in-law's birthday along with a couple other spa-type items. She was turning 7 and I thought it'd be a fun idea to have a spa day with her. This toy isn't bad but I don't think it would be that great on it's own. Basically all it does is bubble a little and drizzle water. It's almost like a faucet turned on really low. The bottom of it did leak a little bit, not much but I had to place a towel underneath it while we played with it. The little balls were fun to watch grow and they were pretty relaxing to run your fingers through. It was an enjoyable experience and all in all, my niece loved it and thought it was a wonderful toy. I'm not sure if I would recommend it to others but I guess for the price it's a pretty good toy.



Orbeez Hand Spa

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