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Facial Cleansers for Normal Skin
One Love Organics
One Love Organics Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser

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WOW, what a great product.


This product thoroughly cleans your skin and does so without drying out your skin. It has a nice gentle clean fragrance. The product is highly concentrated so you use a very tiny amount, smaller then a small pea to cleanse your face. A little goes a long way. So if you were to calculate the cost of the product you are currently using that is not as concentrated you might find out that this product is inexpensive since it last a very long time. While I only used it on my face this great product can be used all over your body and even your hair. This one product could be used from head to toe so it could replace some, if not all, of the products you currently use to wash your body and hair. My rosacea has been under control for over a year now, and this product did nothing to cause my rosacea to flare up. I can definitely use it without any concerns. I recommend you give this product a try. You will not be disappointed. Scent A nice gentle clean fragrance.

Palm Harbor, FL


One Love Organics Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser

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