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One A Day
One-A-Day Women's Prenatal Multivitamin Tablets + Prenatal DHA/EPA Liquid Gels

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I started using this product while I was pregnant in order to supplement my own natural food intake. Now that I've had my little girl I have continued to use this product which has kept my hair, nails, and skin in the same beautiful condition they were in while I was pregnant.




Dear One-A-Day Prental... I am not a horse!


If you've ever been pregnant with morning sickness, you know that swallowing anything, even water, can make you vomit up more than you even had inside to begin with. So it does not make sense to me that One-A-Day prenatals are so gosh darn big! Not only are they so gosh darn big, you have to take two of them! I am sure that they get the job done, but only if you can keep them down long enough to get the job done! They're not going to do me any good if I'm throwing them up! And throw them up I most certainly did. One, because they were big, and two, because I sometimes took them on an empty stomach. I know you're not supposed to, but when you're constantly throwing up, it's hard to have anything but an empty stomach. I would think a product made just for pregnant woman should keep that in mind, and maybe figure out a way that it can be taken even on an empty stomach, so that even if I can't eat, I can still sneak in a few nutrients.


norwood, OH


One a Day Prenatal Vitamins are quite possibly the best ever!


One a day prenatal vitamins are quite possibly the best on the market. I have been taking these for 6 months now and absolutley love them. They are super easy to swallow and taste great. No fishy aftertaste like some other brands. Not to mention all the extra benefits of the DHA. I would highly recommend these to everyone looking for a great prenatal vitamin!   I had previously tried multiple brands of prenatal vitamins and could not find any I liked. A friend recommended the One a Day Pretnatal Vitamin with DHA/EPA Liqui gels. I was hesitant at first due to all the previous prenatals I tried with no success. I was quite suprised and thrilled with the results. One a Day Pretnatal Vitamin with DHA/EPA Liqui gels were the only prenatal vitamins that did  not make me naseous or queasy. Even when taken without food. Amazing! And I feel as though I am providing my unborn child with the best prenatal vitamins available ;)    


Hartville, OH


perfect otc prenatal/dha combo pack


Before I got the infamous Big Fat Positive that I was hoping for. (bfp=positve pregnancy test result for those of you scratching your heads right now although chances are if you are reading this review you knew exactly what I meant anyway), these were the vitamins that I faithfully took for months before my period had turned into a question mark then into an exclamation point. I came across these will looking at the prenatal vitamins in the local pharmacy. This was the only over the counter product of its kind that contained both a prenatal vitamin tablet AND a DHA capsule in the same package. They are both easy to swallow. The tablet and the capsule could be taken together or seperately, however it is definitely best to take them on a full stomach or you'll be heaving in the toilet faster than you can say vomit. The DHA capsule had  mild fishy after burps but it wasn't completely unbearable, however, once I did in fact become pregnant I started to take a prescribed prenatal/dha combo that was cheaper on my ins because a generic was available so Im not sure if whether or not this will cause the pregnant belly to revolt in anger or not. I compared the vitamins in this product to that of my prescribed one and there wasn't that  much difference in the milligrams of the different vitamins each contained. This is definitely a great product because you don't need a doctor's prescription and can usually get these on sale occasionally at your local drug store, mass merchant and even online retailers.


Fall River, MA


One-A-Day Women's Prenatal Multivitamin Tablets + Prenatal DHA/EPA Liquid Gels

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