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Ole Henriksen
Ole Henriksen Visual Truth Eye Cream

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Ole Henriksen Visual Truth Eye Cream Is Not Effective


Ole Henriksen Visual Truth Eye Cream will "not" do much for your eyes. It is supposed to help with wrinkles or lines around the eyes, but what happens is barely noticeable. This crème has strong humectants in it. It is supposed to bind moisture into the skin, but I am not sure if it does that. It has a lot of different ingredients in it, including oils and alcohol. I think the alcohol in it makes your eyes water and sting a little bit. Upon occasion, it will make your eyes itch too. That is not good for an eye cream. The eye area is definitely fragile. This eye cream would work on most skin types, except for acne prone or sensitive skin. This eye cream is very expensive. It comes in a very small container, and it is not going to last long. You are supposed to apply it morning and night, so it will be gone in a flash. If you are lucky, it might last a couple of months. The texture and smell of it is nice. It has a very faint and sweet smell to it. This cream is supposed to help treat skin conditions, but I would advise against it. It has African red tea and Vitamin C in it, two things that are good for the skin. It absorbs pretty quickly. It did not clog my pores. I do not think this eye cream holds up to its claims. You can find this cream at high-end stores or online. I give it a "3.5" on a scale of 1-10, and that is why it gets "2 STARS".


Stockton, CA


The eyes of a new woman!


I just started using this product a few weeks ago. I purchased it because it had so many great reviews on another site. I will say I was hesitant because of the price, I am usually a cheapskate when it comes to make up. I did look into it because Kate Gosselin said she had a dramatic chnage from it & people thought she had a face lift. So far I can say that I feel I am seeing a slight difference. It seems that the bags under my eyes are much less noticeable and I actually feel like my face is brighter.  I do not have any issue with the consistency or the smell of this product. Many stated they felt it was too sticky or tacky, which it is slightly there but not enough to turn me away. I actually keep it in the fridge so that when I apply it is is cool & soothing. I have sensitive skin and sometimes am bothered by face products that are botanical based .All I can say about this is so far so good!


Kenosha, WI


Visual Truth Eye Creme is hydrating, light, and rich eye creme


I like this brand because it is amongst the more "natural" product lines on the market.  There are many beauty regimens that contain products that are damaging to our skin and get absorbed into our bodies.  Since the skin is the largest organ on our body, we have to protect it from chemicals and environmental and pollutant damage.  The Ole Henriksen Visual Truth Eye Creme is a rich and hydrating eye cream that can be used during the day or at night time.  I use it in the morning under my makeup & evening after my repair serum. It really smooths out the lines but isnt overly heavy or greasy. I use it around the entire eye area. I am VERY sensitive to chemicals & this is one cream that didnt bother me. What I like best is that it is natural & fragrance free, so it is NOT irritating. You only need a TINY bit, so i think this will last a long time!  I have used a lot of eye creams and I'm very picky about what I put on my skin.  You should definitely try this eye cream is you are looking for an anti-aging cream.


Sacramento, CA


Ole Henriksen Visual Truth Eye Cream

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