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Old Spice
Old Spice Pro Strength Solid Anti perspirant Deodorant Swagger 50 ml

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Makes me want to take a deep breath in...


My boyfriend actually uses this deodorant and I will tell you, I never in my life have every said I wanted to smell a guys underarm but he has THEE best smelling underarms because of this product. If your girlfriend is attracted to good fragrances, I totally recommend this product. I always tell him, "Let me smell your swagger." 

Fairfield, CA


It really works


My name is Tyler and this is my review for Old Spice Swagger Clinical Strength deodorant. First off I use other products in the Old Spice swagger family such as body spray and body wash.  I am an athlete but more importantly i dont just sweat when i play sports and when i sweat it is bad. Ive try other over the counter clinical strength deodorants. Yet to find one that works as good as Old Spice. I generally sweat when i get nervous. I cant stand this. But i can stand it better then i use to be able to. This is in parth to Old Spice Swagger Clinical Strenth deodorant. I use to hat it because it was aggravating but more because you good see sweat stains in my shirts when i lifted up my arms. This has definitly improved since i started using Old Spice clinical strength deodorant. As for why i chose the scent of swagger well thats easy i like the way it smells and many girls have asked me what im wearing when i wear the swagger products such as the body spray. But in review yes this product works and it smells good. I would recommend this product to people like me who have an issue with sweating. Thanks.     Tyler

Monroe, NC


Old Spice Pro Strength Solid Anti perspirant Deodorant Swagger 50 ml

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