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Olay Complete Ageless Skin Renewing UV Lotion SPF 20

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A good, basic anti-aging product


I like to use Olay Complete Ageless Skin Renewing UV Lotion SPF 20 in the mornings, after washing my face. This is a light weight lotion that doesn't make my face feel too greasy or shiny. I can wear it under my makeup without worrying about my face looking like I didn't wash it that day. I like that it has SPF 20 built in, so if I am outside for a little bit, I don't have to feel concerned about the harmful rays of the sun. I like that my face feels smooth and clean after applying this lotion and I think my skin still has a somewhat youthful appearance. I really like the Olay brand. It is a good quality product that does what it promises.

Littleton, CO


Olay Complete has kept my skin ageless


"Olay Complete" is manufacturer by Oil of Olay, someone who knows what beauty is all about.  This all day moisture lotion has a SPF 15, is light and non greasy and that's a plus for me.  I have been blessed with oily skin and for years was reluctant to wear any type of moisturizer under my make-up because of the mid-day "shine" but as I got older, I knew I should be taking better care of my skin.  That's when a friend I worked with told me about Oil of Olay products and their moisturizers. I knew the name "Oil of Olay" and also knew my grandmother used their products...it made me think back, how young her skin looked, hardly any wrinkles and she was 80 at the time.  The friend that told me about the product, well she was in her sixties then and honestly, she didn't look over 55.  So knowing two people that already used Oil of Olay products and knowing this was a name I could trust, I bought my first bottle of "Olay Complete" and have been using it ever since.  I'm 53 years old and people think I'm in my early 40's, what other kind of complement could a woman ask for other than to look younger than what she really is! I put it on in the morning under my make up and again at night after cleansing my face.  I have people all the time ask what kind of skin care products I use and they can't believe that I use Oil of Olay.  Guess they assumed I used some real expensive brand.  That's another thing about this product and all the Olay products, they are not overly pricey and that really helps my pocketbook.  "Olay Complete" is an antioxidant with vitamin E plus C, has a SPF 15, 100% PABA free and 100% oil free.  It's light, non greasy and won't clog the pores.  I use the "normal" but they also have it for "sensitive skin".  This is a great product and I would recommend it to anyone because I know once they use it, they'll be a believer too.

Burlington, NC


Complete says it all


Oil of Olay Complete is a day moisturizer that lasts all day long. I find that to be true in the climate that I live, but could not verify that claim in a drier climate. It also contains vitamins and UVA/UVB protection which should be a no brainer for an anti aging lotion, but funny enough, there are plenty of products out there that do not offer this protection. As with most Olay products, this lotion has a lightweight texture and does not feel greasy or heavy on the skin. I appreciate that as I have oily skin some days and the last thing I want to put on is more "grease", but I never feel that way with this product. The lotion is formulated to work with all skin types: regular, sensitive, combination, and extra dry. It's hard to believe that one lotion could cover this range of skin types, but Oil of Olay has been doing it for years. I would defiantly recommend this lotion as an all around good product for day skin care.

Eureka, CA


Olay Complete Ageless Skin Renewing UV Lotion SPF 20

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