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Octane Fitness
Octane Fitness Q37e Elliptical Trainer

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I don't prefer this elliptical because I never feel very comfortable using it because of the bulky and imposing design and large moving handlebars. I don't like how the handlebars move when I'm not using them because they distract me. The interface is fairly easy to program and the fonts are easy to read. The pedals usually feel like a shorter stride than other elliptical machines which I do not like. I like the pedals because they are big and have tread so my feet don't slip. I also feel uncomfortable using this because there is a lot of bulkiness at the front of the machine. Comfort The pedals are comfortable to stand on but the stride feels shorter than most for me which I do not like. Ease of Use Easy to quickly program date and level. Pedals do not require a big push to start moving. Durability Feels sturdy when striding and is easy to wipe down. Design Feels chunky and bulkier than most ellipticals I've used.




Excellant bike I just love it!


The **Octane Q37e Elliptical Trainer is a great bike to have.It do not put stress on the joints. It tells you how many calories you are burning and has different levels of work outs.I really work up a sweat. Convergant arms move with your natural flow, not straight forward and back.  The leg stride is more natural, most of the ones I tried were uncomfortable.  They also have a model that automatically adjust for a longer stride.**


Detroit, MI


this trainer is for everyone


since my husband has a bad knee due to old football high school injury, he cannot run or jog and the treadmills allow him to have painless cardio exercises for hi health. this elliptical is used daily . not just my husband but also our 6 children and 3 grand children. i have recomended this octane q37e elliptical trainer to my friends and also my childrens high school who also has purchased 3 of them for the athletes. this trainer is a great way to get your cardio going as well as loose weight along with diet. my son who plays football in high school has lost 20 ponds using this trainer. this trainer has allowed him to get exercise in between down time or off season. my daughter who is going to college this year for basketball also has been able to use this elliptical when she had an injury which prhibited her from running. i will and have be highly spreading the word about this trainer. i give this item 5 as a rating from 1 to 5.                                                                                                                                                           


Florence, KY


Overall great product


    The Octane Q37e is definitely a really excellent machine - great build, wonderful displays, very good exercise motion.   Be very cautious of one thing though: Cleaning the wheels. Everybody emphasizes how quiet the Q37e is, but if you don't clean its wheels very diligently, it'll rapidly become very annoying and noisy. Make sure you clean up sweat after every use. Also wear a T-shirt while you exercise, to soak up your sweat and thereby reduce the amount that gets onto the tracks. Keep a towel close also to help clean up during and after use...


Goshen, IN


Best overall workout in a short period of time.


My husband works for a fitness equipment retailer, and for about a year I would drool over the Octane. Finally, we made the decision to take the plunge and make the purchase and we haven't been disappointed at all. - Small footprint - great for small-ish spaces versus those other ellipticals with the long tracks- Great overall workout - if you use the Arm Blaster along with the regular ellipitcal strides you're sweating within mintues- Perfect for "casual" users and athletes - I'm the casual user - probably hop on once or twice a week, and my husband "abuses" it every day. It has held up great for over a year now!- Smooth "stride" - if you're in the market for an elliptical, be sure to test out a few - you'll see that some can have a "jerky" stride, but the Octane is smooth all the way!- Easy to use - you can either just turn it on and go, or create specific routines for yourself using "hills", "random", etc- Great value - yes, it's pricey, but if you really want a great workout, and you're really planning on using it, it's well worth the price. Plus, it's probably smarter to buy quality fitness equipment than go cheap and end up with a coat rack. :) If I could, I would buy an Octane for every member of my family. It's a great workout for folks with a limited amount of time - even 15 minutes will rock your world!


Boulder, CO


I love the machine but it has mechanical/service problems.


I have had the Octane Q37e for 1 1/2 years and use it regularly.  I like the programs and operation very much.  It is very smooth and quiet except: I am on my 2nd machine.  The first one had a rubbing/grinding noise.  I had a repair man out 3 times before it was fixed.  The first guy sanded down part of the front shell to try to eliminate the noise.  The last guy was an engineer from the company and he found a bent bolt.  Replaced it and it worked good for a while.  Then more noise.  I had the repair service out again and they couldn't find any thing wrong (again - and in effect said I was a complainer and nothing was wrong with the machine).  I had purchased the extended warranty and had a great deal of trouble getting them to fix the problem so they did eventually replace it - thanks to some very hard work my the manager of the store.  The one I have now is 2 weeks old and has a VERY loud squeel - like when the breaks on your car are bad.  I really like the machine and the store where I bought it, but I need one that will work right and a repair man that knows his product.


Prior Lake, MN


great exercise machine!


i decided to get this eliptacal trainer to put into my home gym because all of my equipment was outdated. i could not decide wether or not to get this one or a different brand. but then my sister who has it decided to get it for herself and i used hers for a while. because of using hers, i could see that it was a great machine so i decided to get it. i live in a town condo so the problem of sound is very important. i wanted to get something that would not be noisy and that the neighbors would not hear. by using my sisters, i found that it is very quiet so i got it. when using it, there is no problem with sound and i know that my neighbors can not hear anything that i am doind. unless i have the music on in the gym. it is easy to set the speed and activity level on the machine as well and i like that too. it was a bit expensive for me but i think that it was well worth the price that i paid for it.


Norwich, CT


The Octane Q37e elliptical is a great calorie and fat burner


The Octane Q37e elliptical trainer is perfect for any type of gym go-er and for someone who has enough money to buy one for their own personal use at home. It is a great workout and if you vary the program you use, resistance, speed, or do intervals you can break up quite a sweat. But I do think their programming for calories burned and calories burned per hour is off because it says I normally burn 1000 calories an hour, which seems way too high. I like the foot pedals and the handlebars, but you really have to concentrate on using your arms if you want your upper body to work as well as your lower body. Personally, I don't use my arms much and just let them go. This elliptical is good for switching it up a little bit and pedaling backward, and its easy to balance and not use the handlebars.This is definitely one of my all time favorite ellipticals and during the winter I use it at least 5 times a week. You can set the resistance level low and make it really easy if you need to, but I like to increase the resistance. Its a very flexible machine, good for anyone.


East Syracuse, NY


So quiet and awesome


The Octane Q37e Elliptical Trainer is amazing. ** **A friend of mine bought this gem, and I absolutely love it.  It's very smooth and fairly quiet.  I found the buttons and special feature gadgets user friendly and easy to use.  The user manual explained some of the hard core features, but the basic stuff that most people would use is pretty much self explanitory.  I get so much more exercise with the Octane Q37e than when I was going to the gym because I can really rock out to my music and sing at the top of my lungs without feeling the prying eyes of onlookers.  This machine is so easy to use, and very unintemidating.  When I look at a treadmill, I quiver with fear imagining my speed intervals that are to come, but when I look at this quiet elliptical baby, I smile and run towards it, eager to get in a good workout.  Sadly, due to it's enormous price tag, I haven't been fortunate enough to buy one to call my own, so I only use it when I'm at my friend's house.  (Which is now almost every day!)


Alachua, FL


will kick your butt if you want it to


My husband is the buyer of the Octane, I just went along for the ride. WOW what a machine! I use the Octane like a walk in the mud. I call it " trudging through the mud" and what a work out. Everything in the above reviews are spot on. Pricey but so worth it. It's not very pretty ( reminds me of a bumper car) and its not a clothes line so use it !!!


Fayetteville, AR


Octane Fitness Q37e Elliptical Trainer

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