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Ocean Blue Vacuum Review


Not worth the money. We bought this vacuum in 2007. It has a 5 yr warranty and it was sent back almost twice a year. From the power head failing, to belts breaking, to lights not working. The local distributor that we bought it from has even went away from being their distributor because of so many issues. Now that it's past it's warranty, finding the parts are nearly impossible but through Ocean Blue. The plastic wheels on the housing all have broke. For spending so much money on a vacuum, you would think it would last more than 6 years. Not reliable at all.



The best vacuum I have ever owned!


I love this vacuum! The Ocean Blue EBK 340 L Vacuum is great at picking up pet hairs and everything else.  My old upright vacuum could go for a year between bag changes, meaning that it wasn't picking anything up.  This water separation vacuum picks up a HUGE amount of dog and cat hair every time.  And clean up is easy!.  Because all the dirt is filtered through water, all you need to do is pour it out in the toilet or down the sewer drain.  If you cook fish or have bad pet smells, you can put vanilla or other scented oils in it's main body without the vacuum attachment and it will filter the air through it's water and replace bad smells with clean air that smells great.  You can place cushions and bedding in a large plastic bad and suck dirty air and mites out of your couch and it is great in cracks and crevices for pet hair that gets into the backs of chairs.  Although this vacuum is a little pricey, for those who ever wondered what was really in their carpets, call for a demo at least.  You will love it as much as I do.

Kennewick, WA


OceanBlue Vacuum

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