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OXO Softworks Large Sink Mat

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Protects my Porcelain Sink...and my Dishes!


Recently, we determined that our old vinyl-coated wire sink protector had lived out its useful life.  The vinyl was beginning to wear away and the exposed wire was starting to rust.  In addition, the rack required frequent scrubbing to keep it clean from stains and buildup. To replace it, we purchased the **OXO SoftWorks Large Sink Mat**.  The Oxo sink mat is made of a rectangular PVC-free plastic that contains drainage cutouts and a side handle.  Measuring 16.5" x 12.75", the Oxo mat fits perfectly into our standard-sized kitchen sink.  There is also a smaller size available. What I most like about the Oxo mat is that it protects my porcelain sink from scratches at the same time that it protects my dishes and glasses from chipping and breakage.  There is no center hole for the drain, but that doesn't bother me because most mats with center drain holes never seem to line up well to my drain anyway.  The bottom feet and the perforated design allow air and water to flow freely. This seems to help keep the plastic cleaner, longer.  Another plus is that the side handle makes it easy to lift when I do need access to the drain or garbage disposal.  All in all, the OXO SoftWorks Large Sink Mat is a great little product.  It's an attractive design, works well, and is affordably priced.  I highly recommend this design.


Chicagoland, IL


OXO Softworks Large Sink Mat

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