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Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging Moisturizer Plus Blemish Control

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Really works


This is the second product when I tried to take care of my skin and it works better than the first product (different brand). The first moisturizer with blemish control made my skin itch and dry. The worst part was that it did not work. This Olay moisturizer plus blemish control really keeps skin  moisturised. As it mentions on the back of the product, you can see the result within 2 weeks. Even better, I saw the result in 1 week. The most part I like this product is that It really balances the color and reduces appearance of age spots. Not only did I put on the face, but also on the back of shoulder. Though it sound weired, it still works in reducing acne breakout. Use direstions say 1 to 3 times daily. My skin type is combination, I use once in the morning and once in the evening after cleaning my face. In my opinion, 3 times a day will only fit oily skin. I do not really suggest this to sensitive skin.

Salt Lake City, UT


best product you can never find


This is an excellent anit aging/blemish control product. Unfortunately, i cannot find this moisturizer anywhere anymore. This line was recently repackaged and all of the other four are back on the shelf with the expception of this one. I love this product, i have been forced to try others since it's disappearance and i can say none of them have compared whatsoever. They dry my skin out and or are not rich enough for aging skin. The blemish control anti aging cream olay makes is far the superior product, even compared to pricier ones.  This product has just a little tint to it and is never greasy.The tinting is great for anyone who needs some smoothing out of their complexion, but like me cannot wear any heavy face makeup. I dust a very little loose powder on after the **oil of olay 7 signs of aging plus blemish control.** My face was never clearer than when using this product, it is sorely missed by me and I am sure many others. Their site says they still make it, so though i don't ever order anything online, as soon as I am done writing this review I am going to try and order some, I suggest any of you with similiar skin problems do the same!

Maynard, MA


Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging Moisturizer Plus Blemish Control

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