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O Cedar Pro-Scrub Sponge Roller Mop

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Not great at all


I have bought two of these, two days in a row and both have come apart. When I pulled up on the handle to get the water out of the sponge, the whole sponge part and metal holder came out! Crazy. Moving on to another mop. I love how this mop cleans, however and am disappointed that it won't work.




Worth The Money


The O Cedar Pro-Scrub Sponge Roller Mop is most certainly worth what you pay for it. It's very inexpensive and easy to pick up from the store because it's very light weight and doesn't take up a lot of room. There are far better roller mops out there but for what you pay, my money is on the O Cedar Pro-Scrub Sponge Roller Mop. I've had mine for about a year now, with no complaints, damages or any issues. It's fibers and properties clean tough stains and dirt just fine and cleaning the O Cedar Pro-Scrub Sponge Roller Mop is just as easy. I just dip it into a bucket of cleaning solution, shake it a little and keep it moving. For the price, you won't do any better and as I've stated, it's been over a year for me and mine still works just as well as it did when I first purchased it. The cool thing about the O Cedar Pro-Scrub Sponge Roller Mop, that I also love is that it comes with a ten year manufacturers warranty so worst case, if something does happen, you'll get another one. I doubt I'll have to even have to have mine replaced but just in case, it's great knowing that if something does happen, I'm covered.




Okay mop


I bought the O Cedar Pro-scrub Sponge Roller Mop a few years ago. We were living in a small apartment that only had about 50 square feet of linoleum, so I did not need anything that was super heavy-duty. This mop met our needs at that time, but it really isn't that great of a mop. I do like that the sponge mop head is quite absorbent, and the metal handle is strong and sturdy. I really like the idea of the raised chevron pattern on the mop head--the white lines are a tougher, rougher surface than the blue sponge, and, in theory, they work to "exfoliate" the surface of the floor. In practice, however, they don't do much. The red bristles, also in theory, are a great idea, but they are flimsy and do not actually work to scrub off anything that is stuck to the floor. I'm not being too hard on the mop in my rating, however, because it seems to me that most mops aren't magical--there is just no substitute for elbow grease. If you pre-soak the spots on your floor with a 50/50 water/vinegar solution, they tend to come up easier when mopping.


San Antonio, TX


Not a great mop.


The O Cedar Pro-Scrub Sponge Roller Mop is far from "Pro".  This mop was very much not worth the money.  If I remember correctly, I used this mop for about 6 months and threw it away.  First of all, the scrubby side with the brissles is garbage.  You cannot put enough force on it for it to be able to do anything worthwhile.  It often falls off.  The brissle themselves are fine if you want to hold the attachment in your hand and scrub the floor.  The sponge itself is just average.  There is really nothing special about it.  The only part i did like about this mop was the type of release for wringing out the sponge.  It was easly to use and strong so you arent putting excess water on your floor.  Finally, if you have pets, the scrubbing attachement is really useless.  It really just pushes the cat hair around and doesnt pick any of it up.  So overall, I would say this mop is average and should not be used if you have pets and want pet hair picked up. 


Chicago, IL


Expected better quality mop with a 10yr guarantee


I hadn't a clue what kind of mop I wanted when I went to buy one.  My parents had had a roller mop and I figured it can't be too bad.  I chose to get the O Cedar Roll-O-Matic as it came with a ten year warranty.  I figured something with that kind of warranty ought to be durable and with reasonable quality.  I haven't been too impressed.  When using the mop it feels like it is made with cheap materials and poor quality.  At times when I pull up the handle to wring out the mop head it gets stuck and difficult to get back into place. The mop head supplied with it worked pretty well and has a more textured side to help with tough spots.  I kind of feel like using it on the tile has ripped it up some though and it is starting to deteriorate. When you are rubbing it back and forth on the floor the wringing handle makes a clanking noise against the mop handle, which can be annoying and noisy (especially if your opportunity to mop is during your children's nap-time). At least the guarantee covers satisfaction and I can have my purchase refunded.


Greer, SC


O Cedar Pro-Scrub Sponge Roller Mop

2.6 5