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Nuby Sippy Cups - All Types

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Love our nuby sippy cup!


My daughter loves this cup! When I first started her on a sippy cup it was a hard spout and she had a hard time drinking much out of it. I'm guessing that she just didn't like that the spout was hard, so she was only willing to drink 1 ounce out of it at a time. Because of it, I didn't wean her off the breast until she was about fourteen months old and she was eating plenty of solids. A friend let her use one of their sippy cups and it was this one and Jenna didn't want to put it down or give it back. She LOVED the soft silicone spout and was totally chugging it down. She's willing to drink a good amount of her milk out of this sippy cup at a time and it's great! The only reason why I'm giving this an 8 instead of 10 out of 10 starts is because Jenna likes to bite on the sippy cup and I think that it'll break down easily and get holes in it while she's teething, which means I'll have to buy a new cup.



Good for babies on the go


Nuby always offer great prices and I love there products everything comes apart on these cups and they are very durable, they also limited the amount of spills that happened at my house. The only issue I have was the silicone nipples over time became hard to clean gunk would get stuck in the very top making it hard to get.

Bound Brook, NJ


good cup


Anyone out there who has very young children know exactly how hard it is to find a good sippy cup. We have gone through hundreds it feels like in various brands and kinds and almost all of them become very frustrating either because they are hard to clean, they fall apart, the design wears off, the lids leak, the stoppers break, parts don't fit securely, the problems are just endless. This one I really haven't had any complaints. I (well I should say my children) seem to prefer the ones with the straws rather than the spout which is fine with me since I find these much easier to clean. The spouts can get a little difficult since you need to get a Q-tip or something similar to clean all up in the spout or you can get some mildew growing there. This is of course assuming that you don't have a dishwasher which would make this alot easier and I do not own one so I am stuck cleaning them the old fashion way. But over all this is a great cup.

Crum Lynne, PA


The nuby is the third cup we have tried and she likes it


We have tried two other sippy cups. Our daughter is almost 7 months and so far she has not taken to the sippy but we keep trying so she can learn how to use it. We wanted to try one that had more of a nipple so maybe she would try to use it. We found the Nuby sippy cup and it had two nipples for the lid, more of a nipple one and more of a "sippy" cup one to drink from. While she is just learning I thought a nipple might help her get used to holding a bigger cup with handles when compared to her bottle. She loves this cup so far. I would say it is messy, but giving juice to an infant is going to be messy I think no matter what you do. She is able to hold it by herself and works really hard to get the juice out. She would just throw other cups because she got frusturated with them. With the nuby, although it is like a nipple, it is much much different than a bottle nipple. I think we are goign to be able to transition her to a real sippy cup thanks to the Nuby sippy cup.

Crocker, MO


Leaks everywhere.. go try something else


DO NOT waste your money on these cups. Seriouslly. I bought these Nuby sippy cups to try for my child because the "sipper" was soft like a nipple, so I thought it would ease the transition from bottle to cup. The "sipper" also appeared to be spill proof and was marketed as such, so I thought "why not?" and the price was relatively low. Boy what a mistake! The spout leaked everywhere and by no means was spill proof. These cups were more of a mess than anything else. My child ended up using the Playtex soft spout cups instead. Spend the extra money on the Playtex line of sippy cups, and don't be fooled by Nuby's soft spout. When you child is ready for sippy cup transition -- he/she will take the sippy, never mind trying to ease the trasnsition with Nuby's soft spout. Your child will just end up a messy wet mess. I would NOT recommend this cup to any parent. Our Nuby cups ended up in the trash.

Pearl City, HI


Great cups until your child has teeth


I was torn on how many stars to give nuby cups in general so I split the difference. I found them to be wonderful cups to start out with. They are soft on the gums of babies with no teeth or those just starting to sprout up. They don't leak very easily. They are nice looking and come in a nice assortment of colors and styles. And they are reasonably priced compared to others out there. So if reviewing for a 4-6 month old I love these sippy cups. Unfortunatley all three of my kids started to get their teeth around 5 months so by 7 or 8 months they were sporting a mouth full and loved to chew. The soft spouts and straws on the nuby cups are no match to a baby trying out their new chompers and I'd find myself having to replace them way more often that made it cost effective. So once they get to this stage I always switch to something a little sturdier and able to take the abuse the dish out.

Lancaster, PA


Nuby sippy cups are the best!


I only use Nuby sippy cups with my children!!! WHen my son was a baby i used the Nuby sippy cups, they are simple, cute, and affordable! As often as babies lose cups who can beat the price!! When i weaned my son off the bottle i used a Nuby sippy cup as a replacement and it went so smooth! One night of cryings and fussing and he was done!! I had several cups in each color! Now that i have a baby girl the Nuby sippy cup is the only one she will use! I have bought and tried many different brands to try to find the right one and she sticks with her Nuby! My daughter is 9 months old and besides breastfeeding the Nuby sippy cup is the only thing she will drink out of! She won't even suck out of a bottle! We have been using the Nuby sippy cup since she was 5 month old! Sometimes the nipple can get chewed up but the price is so cheap why worry about finding a replacement nipple when you can just buy a whole new cup? I love The Nuby sippy cups!

Cedar City, UT


Easy use


These Nuby bottles were the best I had bought.  Not only do the nipples comes in slow, medium and fast flow but they had roughness like little bumps to the nipples for the baby to grip them more easily also i think they had them on their for babies to bite on for those that are teething so it soothes them a bit.  They also had a little rubber on the bottle caps and bottle rings for baby to bite on, like a little teething ring.  The bottle itself is curvey with bumps on it where it made it easier for the baby to grab it and hold on to it. The best part is that these bottles are BPA Free and also cost a lot less than most of the other bottles!  These Nuby Bottles also come in different colors so they qare really cute. So inexpensive is another good reason why i liked this item. Also I like that it can hold 11 oz which was helpful for travel. 

Antioch, IL


Good, not great


As my daughter started to chew off the nipple on her bottle, I knew that it was time to move on and leave the bottle behind.  So I went in search of the best sippy cup.  I tried to give her one that had a hard plastic spout, but it was too different from her bottle.  And she just wasn't interested.  I happened upon the Nuby Sippy Cups, and decided to give them a try.  I got a couple of different sizes, with and without handles, etc.  They are great.  No leaking, easy for my daughter to hold, easy to clean.  My only complaint was that, once again, the spout is made of plastic that is just a little to soft for a teething one/two year old.  So again, after she discovered that she could and without much effort, she began to tear through these spouts as well.  I guess my suggestion to Nuby would be to come up with a bit harder plastic.  My suggestion to parents would be go for the hard plastic or make sure that you have replacement nipples/spouts for your Nuby Sippy Cups.

Weston, ID


Last as long as the toddler


When I decided it was time to ween my toddler from bottles, I started with the sippy cups. When I first went to walmart I bought three different ones. One small cheap plastic one, and two nuby brands.  One Nuby brand cup with a soft nipple (comparable to the nipple from a bottle) and one with a hard plastic mouth piece.  The soft piece one was a nice transition from the bottle, however they did not stand up very well to teeth and the dish washer.  They broke down very fast.  The hard plastic lids work really well and hold up very well, however you have to be careful when cleaning them because the plastic flow regulation piece holds bits of liquid in it which can lead to curding milk if not cleaned out fast enough.  Other than that, those are the sippy cups that last forever.  Another problem is making sure that the flow speed is put in correct as well because as your toddler gets older, they will want the faster flow speed to keep up with their first.  All in all, these sippy cups were well worth the money, and the hard plastic ones will last generations.   

Campbell, OH


Nuby Sippy Cups - All Types

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