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NordicTrack CX 925

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The Nordic Track CX 925 provides a good cardio workout.


The Nordic Track CX 925 is the right elliptical trainer for those who are looking for a good cardio workout at a fair price. I have used it daily at a medium intensity level for the past five years and it is still going strong. I would describe it as the "middle of the road" model, not bare boned, but not all of the bells and whistles either. It has six programs for weight loss and endurance, or you can create your own workout. The digital monitor displays time, intensity level, calories burned, fat calories burned and heart rate. The only negative thing I can say about the digital monitor is the batteries usually die in the middle of a workout. It has a fan with a low and high setting, a nice feature when you are are heating up in the middle of a workout. Its average in size compared to other ellipticals, so you need to have the space for it. It is a very sturdy machine, but the manual suggests tightening the main bolts occasionally. One negative factor: it is quite noisy while using it. I think this machine is a good fit for those who like to exercise for health benefits and weight management, but who do not need a lot of different programs or intensity.

Saint Augustine, FL


NordicTrack CX 925

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