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NordicTrack C2150 Treadmill

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I love Nordic Track but...


While I love this treadmill while it's working, it seems to be more problematic than helpful. I adore the functions, ease of use and "feel" of the platform but the tightening mechanism that NordicTrac has chosen to use makes the product "cheap" after only a few miles. Performance I was very displeased with the perfomance as the tightening mechanism is plastic with a couple of metal inserts so, as the belt gives and begins slipping, tightening is required and on the plastic, it eventually gives and has to be replaced. We replaced the end twice and in short intervals so I was a bit unhappy. I sold this treadmill to a man that did nothing but walk as running became dangerous when the belt began skipping/slipping. Comfort When this product was tight and stable, it was one of the most comfortable products I have run upon but the slipping took that away. I began to be fearful of a slip and then fall. Ease of Use This is an easy product to use until you have to replace the bottom portion. Durability Same problem as stated earlier. Cheaply made tightening mechanism. Design Love the way it is designed. It's easy to use and friendly by design. I wish it would hold up better.

Whitewright, TX


NordikTrack C2150 is an excellent machine


The NordikTrack C2150 is definitely part of our household . I say that because it is in our living room .It does fold up but I myself only do that for cleaning.;I am somewhat of a novice to treadmills because they tend to scare me but I hopped on the beast to give it a review. This model has a safety feature whereas you attach one part of a cord to your clothing and the other end is magnetic and can turn the unit off and on so if you go flying or slip it turns off. This treadmill has many programs that came preprogrammed or you can add your own.There is a meter that shows your heart rate level so you can adjust your program of choice accordingly. You can alter the mph by as little as one tenth of a mile and the max speed is ten mph. The incline levels vary from 0 % to 12 % . This thing counts carbs and calories even and they were adding up pretty quick. The tread itself is nearly twenty inches wide so it is big enough for nearly anyone.There is a fan with two speeds , two wide spaces for drinks and a magazine /book ledge. I like it best because my husband uses it with good results but I may just have to hop on it again ! Performance We still have a fully functional treadmill in our living room :D Comfort It is large and should accomodate nearly anyone. Ease of Use I am not a treadmill person however hubby loves it. It is the one piece of exercise equipment we own that has stayed continuously used besides my yoga mats . Durability Still in my living room and working like new. Design Yes Nordictrack rocks at making durable treadmills evidently.

Lilburn, GA


This Nordic Track C2150 is good for home use.


I use the Nordic Track C2150 all the time at home, instead of going out in the rain, and really enjoy it.  The fan has three different speeds and the motor works quite well.  The programs are quite varied and also very intense.  I have only used them infrequently so I can't speak to all of them.  I have had problems with the reading rack it is quite shallow and tends to vibrate while you are running it also doesn't hold large books very well does fine with magazines though.  The only problem I have with it is that the belt slips periodical and it sometimes zeros out the calories and time.  The running surface is quite wide and comfortable to walk or run on. It is not as enclosed and cramped as some of the treadmills that I have worked out on.  All in all it is a pleasurable experience to use this treadmill rather than go outside in the rain.  I would definately recommend this to any of my friends that asked.  

Saint Helens, OR


NordicTrack C2150 Treadmill

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