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Nivea Body Sheer Moisture Spray

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Great for after the shower!


The best time to moisturizer is after a shower where your pores are open and you get the maximum benefit. I take a shower in the morning before work. I love that I can get out of the shower pat dry and just spray it on right away. It saves time as well. I also can get hard to reach areas better such as my back which can be a little more difficult with tradition rub on moisturizer. It is not greasy, it gives my skin a great glow, softens my skin much more than I expected (and even more that others I have used in the past) The only cons is I feel it runs out fairly quick and I wish they had more of a variety of scents.


Milwaukee, WI


Great Body Moisturizer


The Nivea Body Shear Moisture Spray Moisturizer is fantastic. I am a big moisturizer all over my body every day and I find that this Nivea brand that I tried is really top notch. It gives a light weight coverage and doesn't leave me feeling greasy throughout the day like other moisturizers that I've tried. I do not use it on face, as I have a special moisterizer I use on my face. But this is a heavy hydrating moisturize that works really well for me on my legs after I shave and also keeps my hands moisturized. I have had eczema in the past, so to me a great moisturizer is essential and I have been quite happy with this one. I would recommend any Nivea moisturizer really, but this spray is a cool, convenient way to go about moisturizing also. I have recommended it to friends and they have liked it too, so I feel like it's a product that we can stand behind. Go out and try it the next time you are shopping!!


Washington, DC


Great product, Nivea body sheer moisture spray


I used this nivea spray moisturizer for 5 years on my back.  It gets very dry in the winter and this product worked perfectly.  My back was very itchy and then it wasn't.  Unfortunately I can no longer find it in Canada and have run out about 2 years ago.  Once again my back is itchy and dry.  Please find me some


San Antonio, TX


Nivea Body Sheer Moisture Spray

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