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Nike Medicine Ball (Various Weights)

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Very Goode Nice

Panda dz

Medicine Ball


These Nike Medicine Balls are amazing. I began working out after having my son (who is now four). My body began to get used to my workout routine and I needed to step it up without needing to go to a gym. So, I began to use these medicine balls in order to add a little resistance, and it worked so well! I love that I could keep getting larger/heavier balls to keep making my workout difficult and continue to push my body.



Great item with multiple uses.


I originally bougt the Nike weight ball for my husband per his request. I thought it was too expensive but purchased it nonetheless. He coaxed me to use it with him at first and now I use it alone nearly every day. We use it together by tossing it back and forth or by sitting on the ground and passing it to one another in between sit-ups. I use it by myself in a variety of ways. I lift it over my head while standing for an arm exercise. I lift it over my head while laying down for abdomen work. I hold it between my knees for strengthening my inner thighs. This is also a great tool while using the Nintendo Wii Fit to make exercises more challenging. It is a good size and pretty comfortable to hold. Mine weighs 6 pounds but I believe they come in other weights as well. The only drawback I can find is that the surface can sometimes feel a bit rough on my hands. I think that anyone who exercises at home would find this item useful and effective.

East Lansing, MI


Nike Medicine Ball


This product is very good. It can be used for a wide variety of exercises. Whether it be for personal fitness, or athletic training, the Nike Medicine Ball is a very a good tool to reach your personal goals. Along with being a very functional piece of equipment, the Nike Medicine Ball is not very expensive. Your really getting the "bang for your buck" with its great versatility. The Nike Medicine Ball can be used by people of all athletic abilities. I've seen people with you no athletic background, and people with an accomplished athletic background get results from the Nike Medicine Ball. I would recommend no one under the age of twelve to use the the Nike Medicine Ball. To ensure maximum safety, see an instructor or athletic trainer before engaging in a workout with the Nike Medicine Ball. If you have back or abdominal problems I would recommend seeing a doctor before using the Nike Medicine Ball. The Nike Medicine Ball is a very good product.  

Pittsburgh, PA


A Great way to work out by yourself or a partner.


These are great to help with that upper body workout.  You can work alone with them or you can have fun working with a partner.  I have 2 of them varrying weights and I just love them.  You need to have some variety in your workouts and this is a great way to give that to you.  Just love love love them.

Montrose, WV


Nike Medicine Ball (Various Weights)

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