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New York Color
New York Color Liquid Eyeliner - All Shades

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New York Color Liquid Eyeliner is decent.


This product is just okay I suppose. It has a good pigmentation and looks good on your eyes. However, when you are lining your lower lid, or applying to your lowder water line if it touches your eyes at all [which it is runny, so it does] it stings your eyes a little bit. Also, pieces of it will 'flake' off into your eyes during the day which looks horrible, and also can damage, scratch, sting or even cut open your eyes. Not very hygenic or safe. However, i like the bottle and the brush is nice too. The consistency could be a little bit thicker, this is kind of runny. It dries fast though. And it lasts long a lot of the time, at least when it doesn't flake off it lasts long. It smudges if you touch it at all, so for people who have deep set eyes I'm sure it would transfer up onto the brow bone area. I don't have deep set eyes so it's not a problem for me but I know people who have deep set eyes and this is a problem. For the price, which is cheap, this is a good buy. It's an alright product, and I will still use it sometimes.

Millersburg, IN


I dislike NYC Liquid Eyeliner


I had read great things about this eyeliner in several magazines so I finally decided to give it a try. Needless to say I was VERY disappointed. The first thing I noticed was the wand. It was very long and awkward to hold and apply. At first I was very satisfied with the even and defined black line...until about 10 minutes later. I did not do anything except sit around and when I went back to the bathroom I noticed half of the line had peeled away. I thought maybe it was just a flaw on my behalf so I tried it a few more times on different occasions. Each time I was presented with the same result... the liner peeling away after only minutes. Besides that, the line was very neat and clean. The color was also very matte and looked uniquely nice. The essential 'pin up' look if you will. The price is very fair. I still would never recommend this to friends or family due to the cracking and peeling of this product.

Fort Payne, AL


Not a good liquid eyeliner


I love liquid eyeliner.  I even love cheap liquid liner.  I usually buy the Maybelline kind, and its worked great, however I tried the NYC liquid Eyeliner b/c the price was cheaper.  The first thing I didn't like was the brush.  It is like a paint brush, instead of a fine point like a marker that most of the others are.  It doesn't allow you to paint on a very good line.  The color isn't very rich either.  I used the black and it really went on overtop my eyeshadow a greyish color.  I also noticed it wears during the day, without even touchign it.  The corners wear first, then by the end of the day it is looking pretty drab.  The others that I have used int he past are waterproof, and stay on great, this doesn't.  If you have to rub your eyes for any reason, you better bring back up because this stuff will be gone.  It's cheap, and you really do pay for what you get, not much of anything. Wouldn't reccomend!

Greenwood, IN


NYC Liquid Liner is the Best Found


My black liquid eye liner is the very first product I purchased from New York Color. I had a coupon to spend and a need for liner, so what the heck. I was absolutally floored by how much I love this liner! I think I could go without makeup for a month as long as I have this little magic tube. It applies effortlessly. I have had problems with other liquid liners (even the marker types) smudging unevenly. They'd be thick on one end of my lid and thin on another. Then you have to go through the mess of cleaning it up with a cotton swap --ugh! The brush must be exactly right because I never have this problem with the NYC liner. That and even though it is not water proof AND I use petroleum jelly to prime my lids for shadow, the liner stays put all day. You'd think with that much staying power it would be a pain to remove, but not so! A little eye makeup remover or even just plain old soap and water --poof! Like I said --magic!

Mandan, ND


New York Color Liquid Eyeliner - All Shades

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