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Almay Liquid Liner - All Shades

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Good product


While I think this product is more on the expensive side for the amount you get, it is a pretty good product. The shade I buy is black. The pigment is great, very bold and long lasting. However, that's provided you stay clear of water. I've found that the liner begins to run immediately if it gets a little wet. This is great as it makes cleanup pretty easy, but not so much if you're in the rain or, god forbid, you shed a few tears. In short, this product is not at all water proof. As I said before, cleanup is pretty easy. The majority of it comes off with a wet cloth, though you'll likely have to use a little soap to get it off completely. While the makeup is not overly-runny, it can be a little hard to apply. I usually use a wet q-tip to clean up the lines. The foam brush is nice, but it's hard to get a clear, straight line. Especially after a few uses when the "brush" begins to fray. While you can simply pull or cut off those stray pieces, it's a recurring problem.




Almay Liquid Eyeliner is the best for your money


I have been using Almay Liquid Eyeliner for over 12 years. I am loyal to great products. This product is so easy to use and is hypoallergenic..A+ plus! The applicator/ brush is perfectly shaped to give me the precission I need for exactly the look I want. A little goes along way and it does not have that hint of chemical smell or stickyness that some brands have. Yeah it's great.


Spartanburg, SC


Amazing once you get the hang of it.


I use Almay black liquid eyeliner, it is amazing and stays on all day. It takes a couple times to get the hang of using liquid eyeliner but is worth the time. I also like how the brush doesn't end up all smashed and going different directions. It has always left a clean sharp line.


Saint Peters, MO


A little is a Lot


   I like almay liquid eyeliner because it's hypoallergenic, waterproof and I can get that bold dramatic cat eyed  or  sexy 50's Glam look that I like.The felt tip is a little tricky to use at first especially if you are new to liquid liner, but it dosen't take long to learn.. with a little pratice and a steady hand  you can create a sexy rockin look all your own! I often wear it alone.. with out any other additional makeup, that's what I like most about it  I can still look like ...oooh la-la ...with so little. 


Detroit, MI


Almay liquid liner is perfect for klutzy girls like me.


I love all things girly especially makeup . I dont know why I love makeup so much because I am really a klutz . I try my best at being a girly girl and apply my makeup but sometimes I just wind up looking like a clown. I dont know why I have such a hard time with makeup application. If I cant find makeup that I can easily use I am over the moon. I guess you can say I am over the moon with Almay liquid liner. I am not good with stick eyeliner and even worse with liquid but I  do pretty good with Almay Liquid Liner if I do say so myself. I use this liquid liner with ease. I like to give myself cat eyes and I can do it every time with this liner. this liner helps me make very precise lines.I also had alot of problems with smudges when I tried usiing other liquid liner before but I have not had this problem with the Almay Liquid Liner. This liner is also really cheap. I can't afford to buy alot of other makeup brands but Almay is within my budget.


Dayton, OH


good but not for some


I have used Almay in the past and I guess the biggest draw is the name. I bought Almay liquid liner in purple amethyst and got a very good deal. I had been on the hunt for purple eyeliner that went on smooth, stayed put, and went well with someone with my skin tone. The applying brush is a pen like tip and the liquid is of a great texture, nice to apply and dry, but it does not stay on. The color also does not show up on me because of my skin tone and the fact that I wear glasses. On the product it says it is intense i-color, and does not show up on me like that. It does not have any adverse affect on my eyes in the sense of irritation so maybe some people want to take that into account. If they could get this formula in a waterproof formula, to be longer lasting, I would attempt another try at using it. I have to use powder eyeshadow in order for it to stay on without smudging off right away. To save more money, check out my discussion post on : [www.viewpoints.com/discussion_boards/Community/topics/Stores-or-groups-that-offer-loyalty-rewards-or-special-benefits/posts][1] [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/discussion_boards/Community/topics/Stores-or-groups-that-offer-loyalty-rewards-or-special-benefits/posts


New York, NY


Sexy look in seconds


This is a great liquid liner for the price. It's one of the cheaper ones and it works just as well as expensive department store brands. I love the colors it comes in but black is my preference. The intensity is great for a date night and paired with black mascara, it really gives your eye some wow power. I've used liquid liners for many years so im a bit of an expert when it comes to applying it but it's easy to learn and you'll love the sexiness it adds to a look. Regular eye liners you have to sharpen or worry about breaking off the tips, liquid liners are easy to carry and you never have to worry about running out because they last a very long time since a little goes a very long way. A definite must have for the avid make-up user and it dries very fast and lasts all day. At a great price, I buy two or three at a time so i have one at home, in my bag, and at work. Would not recommend leaving in your car due to the heat.


Hayward, CA


This Almay Liquid Liner is GREAT!


**Now almay is a wonderful brand to use with all types of make up from blush to this EYE LINER . Almay ele liner for one is good becase it works great and you dont have to pay that much for this product ! Some eye liners are hard to apply but no not almays eye liner its easy to apply unless you just shake alot tee-hee ! Three almays wonderful eye liner when you apply it it just stays on and thats good so you dont have to keep on just applying and applying it just once will work ! Then not only does it stay on but when you apply it it doesnt take a million and three hours to dry it dries fast so here you have a great eye liner that is easy to apply and it doesnt take a really really long time to dry . You know how some eye liners are easy to put on and hard to take off well thats another thing that almay cant be classifyed with because its really easy to put on and really easy to take off isnt that GREAT !**


Houston, TX


Almay Liquid Liner Is The Best Liner I've Every Tried


I use to pay a small fortune for a good eyeliner that could only be found in department stores. I was tired of paying high prices so I tried Almay Liquid Liner. The color I use is brown and I have brown eyes as well. I find that the color intensity is perfect. It isn't too dark and it isn't too light for my fair skin. It looks very natural for a liner. I like that is stays in place all day and doesn't try to run or rub off easy. It is easy to blend with any shadow and also is easy to smudge if you want that dramatic eye look for a night out or special event. I like that the applicator is very fine and brush like. It is very similar to the expensive department store liners that you might find but this is available at your local grocery or drugstore. I have used this product for 4 years now and would never stray. This liner comes off easy at the end of the day with just some mild soap and warm water. It is a wonderful product.


Chattanooga, TN


Love love love this eyeliner!


I had no idea eyeliner could look this dramatic, clean, and beautiful! Not only does it look fabulous on, it really lasts all day long without fading. The only difficulty is that you need a steady hand, and if you goof, it's not an easy clean-up. Make sure you always allow adequate drying time (at least 5 minutes) before applying mascara or you'll have an awful mess. Washes off with a gentle soap and water.


Mount Hood Parkdale, OR


Almay Liquid Liner - All Shades

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