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New York Color
New York Color Eyeliner Duet - All Shades

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NYC eyeliner duet is an okay product


Okay, I usually love NYC products-especially lipsticks, polishes, and shadows, but this eyeliner duet is a good product idea, it also has a few flaws. I purchased the black with the through the storm color, and you could hardly see the purple. I wanted the second color to be as bold as the black was-it wasn't. It's also hard to sharpen and the pencil color offens chips off if you press it too hard. It could use some adjustments to this product. I'll probably only uses this product once in a great while, but will continue to search for a bette eyeliner.

Manitowoc, WI


NYC Eyeliner Duet is good for the cheap price


I bought the NYC eyeliner duet "Islands in the Stream" color. It has a black and a greenish color on each end of the pencil. I have used NYC products before and it generally is pretty hit or miss. However, this eyeliner seems to do the trick. It is very cheap and is affordable. I regret buying the Islands of Stream color because the greenish is not very bold and is not noticable. If you are looking for a very subtle green, than this is a good color choice. But if you want a green that is noticable, I would recommend a different eyeliner brand. The black end however is dark and is a nice black eyeliner.  Some problems I have had with this eyeliner is that it does not sharpen well. I end up having to sharpen it many times to get a nice tip and therefore waste a lot of eyeliner. If it were more expensive I would feel worse about wasting so much. It also does not have a smooth glide. It tugs on my eyelids at times and can be hard to apply.  Bottom line: NYC eyeliner duet is a good inexpensive, everyday kind of mascara. I would recommend it for younger teens that don't need high quality. If you want high quality, bold colors, or a very smooth application, look elsewhere.

Minneapolis, MN


New York Color eyeliner pencils are a real disappointment.


I recently purchased about half a dozen eyeliner pencils from New York Color.  I needed some extra pencils to keep at my boyfriend's house, and they were the least expensive ones at the local discount store that I shop at.  I also bought a few for myself to use at home.  I am so dissatisfied with them, and it's a real shame that they are like a foot long each (exaggerating a bit), and though I will hate to waste the money, will probably end up throwing them out and buying other eye pencils from a higher quality line.  They are sticky, don't transfer well onto the skin, and don't sharpen well at all....usually end up clogging my sharpener.  I will not buy these again, will seriously question buying anything from New York Color again, and would definitely discourage anyone else from buying their products as well.

Cleveland, OH


New York Color Eyeliner Duet - All Shades

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