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Neutrogena Sun Fresh Sunless Foam

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Do not bother using foam sunless tanners.


I really do think that the foam sunless tanners work as well as the lotions. The foams are messier and they do not color my skin as nicely as the lotions do. I much prefer a gradual tan to this awful foam product. The Neutrogena Sun Fresh Sunless Foam seems like a good idea and that will work better, be easier to apply, and have a nice color. Unfortunately, I did not experience any of these things. The foam was messy and streaky and it was really hard to evenly apply it. I washed my hands after as well and they still got turned a weird orange-y color. Once it had absorbed (which felt like forever), the color had an orange tint and was not a healthy tan color that I am usually looking for. Also, just like many other self tanners, this product just smells bad. It smells like I had been laying in a tanning bed. I hate that smell so much. I only bought this product one time and I will not purchasing it again.



Sun fresh not sun tan.


I can tell you that I honestly bought this because I love almost all Nutrogena products and the fact that it was a tanner that was a foam I thought would be awesome because I have never use a foam before and I really wanted to try it out. When I first opened this and put it in my hand it came out all foamy and was a tan color, I started to put it on my hands at first because I wanted to test it out before I applied it all over. I started to rub it in really well and could feel it getting all sticky which I did not like at all but rubbed it all in until it was gone. I waited a few minutes for it to dry completely and I was still all sticky. The sticky residue stayed on for an hour while I let it sit hoping it would go away and then I had to wash it off because I could not stand it anymore. My hands did look a little bit darker but the fact that it made me all sticky was not something that I liked or would want all over my whole body so it is not a product for me or one that I will ever be using again.



A beautiful tan without the sun with Neutrogena Sun Fresh


I love sunless tanning product and also love to give them a try so see if they hold up to the claim. The new sunless tanning product I am trying is New from Neutrogena. I must say I am very impressed. **Neutrogena Sun Fresh Sunless tanning foam**. It is a foam with a grapefruit/nectarine scent which I prefer over the coconut smell of others and being a foam it goes on very light and trust me this doesn't clog the pours. Yeah I am nuts I buy it and put it right on my face to test it. I purchased the fair to medium skin tone formula and with in two hours you can see it working.  A very nice even, natural color. Tips for sunless tanning: - Exfoliate your skin before putting on any sunless tanning product.  This will help the color work in faster and even (George Hamilton swears by this and look at his tan). I use St. Ives Apricot scrub. Or a lufa sponge works well too. - Make sure to smooth all over just like you would with lotions. - Put on lighter by the eyes, elbow, knees and ankles (trust me on this one too...oh the stories I could tell ya) - Put on with no clothes on if covering the whole body and no shirt if your just doing your face and neck...this will keep from your clothes turning tan too.  Please read label to see how long to wait until dressing. (**Neutrogena Sun Fresh** tells you to wait 5 min before dressing...this is the shortest time I have seen on sunless tanning products). - **ALWAYS** make sure you wash your hands very well and wash between your fingers too...this will keep your palms from looking like they have been tanned (looks really strange. Been there done that). All in all I found the New **Neutrogena sunless tanning foam**to be very pleasant. From the scent which is a light scent of grapefruit/nectarine to the tanning outcome.  It comes in a 4 oz bottle that goes a long way.  They also have a formula for medium to deep skin tones.  

Appleton, WI


Neutrogena Sun Fresh Sunless Foam

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