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Neutrogena Light Night Cream

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Hot dry winds. Face is parched. THIS can save the night.


I'm a Southern California gal, and THAT means I have to have multiple facial care items in my toolbox. As I write, California weather's drying all of us out both day and night. So, on a desperate search for a non-goopy overnight protection product, **Neutrogena Light Night Cream" appealed to me immediately. **Neutrogena** is both hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic with only the bare scent of ingredients (or cover scent). Because I have two other preferred products for night use, I won't be using **Light Night Cream** every night. But, after being out in Santa Ana winds or if my heater runs at night, this light, white, easily-spread cream will continue to fit my comfort bill. **Neutrogena Light Night Cream** comes in a 2.25oz bottle for easy access and complete use of the product contents. If savings are important to you, be sure and shop this item around online.

Los Angeles, CA


Good even for oily, sensitive skin.


**My skin is combo-sensitive** (drys out, gets oily, reacts to many ingredients), and has usually had bad reactions to Neutrogena products, but this night cream is different. My skin dries out even with the gentlest of washes, so I needed** a light moisturizer that wouldn't clog my pores but wouldn't dry my face out** either. **Here are the pros: ** -Undereye Bags have been reduced -Nice "cool" feeling -Goes on nicely and smoothly -Gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin **Here are the cons:** -Since it is a night cream, you shouldn't use it to moisturize during the day, it might be too oily.

Spring, TX


Light Night Cream...not as light as possible but works


Neutrogena Light Night Cream is my first night cream - I'm just now reckoning with the fact I am in my late 20s, graduate school has taken it's toll on my eyes, and it's time to do something about it. The packaging indicates Light Night Cream is supposed to be oil-free and noncomedogenic.  It is thick to the touch and has a mousse-like texture.  It is very moisturizing but does feel like it leaves a bit of a residue.  It feels perfect on the crows feet and often-puffy underye area.  I can put a very light amount on the forehead, nose, and cheeks, and it's okay, but only at night.  If I use it in the morning and at night, or do a thicker amount on the nose, cheeks, and foreheads, I have a noticeable increase in blackheads and clogged pores.  This was surprising to me based on the non-comedogenic claims on the packaging and my previous experiences with Neutrogena products. I am, overall, satisfied with this night cream.  It is just the thing for the super-dry months of the harsh New England winter, as long as I use it sparingly on most of my face, or just as-needed, instead of sole-moisturizer use.

New Haven, CT


Neutrogena Light Night Cream

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