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Neuton Em 5.1 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

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I love this mower


I purchased my first Neuton several years ago. My mother liked it so much, she also bought one. I use it for everything, I don't baby it. I use it like I'd use a gas powered mower. I was ambiguous about buying one, but, I talked to a lady who'd ripped out a muscle in her shoulder pulling on the starter rope on a gas powered push mower, that made the decision for me. I use it everywhere in my yard, the edges, mowing down small trees, branches...whatever is lying there. Like I said, I don't baby it. I really love the fact that there is basically no maintenance, no dirty gas to burn, no oil to spill, and it's very quiet. I suppose I should sharpen the blades, but, haven't found it necessary yet. I just tip it up and clean the grass out from under the deck The only real complaint I have is that the battery NEVER lasts longer than 2 years. I bring it into my house for the winter, plug it in once a month to recharge, just like the instructions say, makes no difference. In fact, I needed a new battery last year, but, managed to get along without the push mower. But, I am ordering a new battery as soon as I get done writing this review. When the battery is fully charged, I can, typically get 45 minutes to 1 hours worth of mowing. A lot depends on the length and thickness of the grass. Anyone with a small lawn could easily cut the whole thing before the battery needs recharging-which will take about 12 hours, or overnight. I especially like how light the mower is , very easy to push and very easy to adjust the height of the cut. I would definetly recommend this mower, specifically for women, since you don't have to pull a rope to start it or mess around with a gas can/bottle of oil. I purchased one that had been returned, so it was a little cheaper than a brand new one. I also like the fact that the mower is so quiet, you could mow at 2 AM and not disturb your neighbors.

grand rapids mn


A perfect option for small yards


The Neuton 5.1 mower is the perfect eco-friendly lawn mower option for small yards.  I used this mower only for my front yard (much smaller than my back yard) and it worked great.  It is easy to maintain - just remove the battery when not in use.  You don't have to worry about gas or any other maintenance.  This mower is much quieter than a typical gas mower and it is also much lighter.  Since this mower is lighter, it doesn't put as much stress on the grass or leave distinct lane markings.  This mower is very easy to start - just insert the key, make sure it is in the appropriate setting, and grip the handle.  Not only is this mower easy to use, it is eco-friendly.  It is good to know that an electric mower doesn't put out harmful fumes in the air and reduces noise pollution as well.  You don't have to feel bad about mowing early in the morning or late at night because this mower is much quieter.

Saint Paul, MN


Neuton Em 5.1 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

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