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Homelite Cordless Lawn Mower

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Worst lawn mower ever, do not buy!


In 5 years I had to replace the battery twice - at a cost of over $100 each time. First time battery could not be delivered for more than 4 months. Incredible waste of energy and very environmentally unfriendly. Mower is very heavy on hills and almost impossible to cut grass uphill.

calgary, AB


Skip this and all Homelite Products


Do not purchase this mower unless you live in a middle townhome and your yard is the size of a dollar bill. Otherwise, you will not be able to mow your lawn without recharging.

Boston MA


Does an okay job on average size lawns


I didn't know too much about law mowers when I purchased the Homelite Cordless, but I knew that I didn't want to pay for gas. My only concern about this mower was that the battery might die before I finished cutting the lawn. I was assured by the store clerk that this mower could cut 5,500 square ft. on a single charge. Out the box I had to charge the battery for a couple of hours. After charging I was up and running. The mower was cutting grass with pretty well and it was quite quiet. I did have to go over a couple of areas twice because it didn't cut on the first attempt. This mower was easy to maneuver around my flowers and wishing well, but it wasn't able to cut all the grass surrounding those objects. I had to go over those areas with a trimmer. Toward the end of mowing the lawn the mower started to get quieter and eventually it stopped working. I charged the battery for 30 minutes and completed the job. I definitely would recommend the Homelite Cordless Lawn Mower to those on a budget with an average size lawn.

Westchester, IL


Battery is a piece of crap.


Battery life is very poor. No support from Homelite. Mower won't work without a battery. Replacement battery is more than half the cost of a new mower. Engine Power Battery life is very short, after a few hours of use the battery will not charge over 50%, after 6 months the battery will not charge over 25%, after 8 months it won't get out of the red. No support from the manufacture.



The rechargable, cordless electric mower leaves just a bit to be


The Homelite rechargable, cordless mower has some good and some weak points. I like tha fact I do not have to keep gasoline around to mow.  I feel it is an earth-friendly decision. It is light weight, cleaner than a gas mower, and easy to store and recharge.I do not have to pull-pull-pull to start it...just turn a key and lift a handle. I relly like this feature. The handle you keep pulled under your grip to 'go' broke the first summer.  It is now half a handle, but I can still use it. The hub caps tend to pop out, too. It does not hold its charge long enough to finish my yard.  I have .23 acre to mow minus the 3 bedroom ranch and driveway. I have to recharge it and use 3 battery charges to mow my whole yard.  A charge lasts about 20 minutes. It is easy to clean...even under the plastic motor cover.  The bagger tends to clump the grass at it's entry port. I have to kick it to knock it into the bag, so I usually just mulch. I also will get a line of grass left between mowing paths if I am not careful or if the battery is getting low. The ease of use, recharging factor, and light weight frame make this a good mower for me. I can adjust to the other issues.

Springfield, OH


HomeliteUT13122 Save your money and buy a better quality machine


Folks I'm sorry to say this is a cheaply built machine with a short life span. Mine is less then two years old and the battery is already dead. Save your money and buy a better quality machine that will give you a longer lifespan and won't end up in the landfill after 18 months.

Cary, NC


Short lifespan


When we purchased our home three years ago I bought a Homelite 24v cordless lawn mower to be more green. At the beginning of the summer season the battery would no longer hold a charge which was a bit frustrating. After extensive searches I finally found a vendor that sells replacement batteries and purchased them. Yesterday, I installed the batteries and charged them over night. Today, I was excited to mow my lawn without having to borrow my father-in-law's gas mower but my homelite mower still doesn't start. Turns out it likely wasn't a problem with the battery at all.   I was very happy with this mower when it worked but two year life span is too short for the money I paid for it. Hopefully the next generation of electric mowers will provide better ROI.

Poulsbo, WA


Quiet and cuts very well, but a little heavy


The Homelite electric mower is easy to assemble, soft on your eardrums, mulches as well as any gas mower and is solidly built.  One caution--it is heavy to push uphill--80 pounds or more without the bag. If your area ishilly, forget it! On flat surfaces, it is quick, but not as quick as any self-propelled machine. It is good exercise, but not difficult on flat surfaces.  It recharges reasonably quickly--about 24 for the first charge and a few hours thereafter. A charge lasts at least an hour. and is easy to use. It seems to be safe. It is easy to clean. It is great not use gasoline--nothing to spiill; smell, risk a fire or pollute the air. I enjoy not having to pull anything to start it. It starts first time, every time. It is more expensive than similarly sized gasoline lawnmowers, but you save buying gasoline.

Westfield, NJ


The Best Green-friendly Lawn Mower


I purchased a Homelite UT13122 cordless electric lawn mower about 4 months ago, and absolutley love it. In fact, I am so enamored with it, now I want an electric car! Contrary to popular belief about battery operated devices being limited both in power and to short work periods, I am happy to say that this handy little device puts both of those myths to rest. I have a standard 1/4 acre city lot, with plenty of grass area. Although I minimally expected to be able to mow my entire yard at least once per battery charge, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the mower will hold enough charge to mow 3-4 times over the course of a month. It is very quiet to operate, the DC motor is significantly quieter than an AC electric plug-in type. With respect to power, I have had no complaints. The mower will stall out if you hit something, such as a dirt pile or hill, but assuming that your lawn is level enough to not pose significant elevation changes within the 20" span of the deck, the mower has plenty of power for average lawns. Please note that I am mowing a standard lawn about once a week, I am sure the mower would behave differently if you were trying to mow tall weeds and orchard grass beyond the height of most lawns. I let my lawn go 2 weeks between mowings last month, and I did need to slow down in some areas going through the thicker grass, but nothing problematic, or for what I would have considered the mower to be under-powered. I also really like the instant on/off capability without dragging a cord. It is very handy to have the mower shut down when I need to temporarily stop and pickup or move something in the yard, but then instantly restart as soon as I am ready to continue along. The rear bag catches all the clippings very cleanly, leaving very few grass blades behind on the cut area. The bag is also easy to pull off and re-attach.  So far I have not found any drawbacks, other than when the battery does need a charge it takes about 12-14 hours on the charger to really fully charge. Not a problem if you remember to plug it in when it gets low after mowing, but a nuissance if you want to mow and then realize it needs a charge. And like many mowers, there is no way to closely trim right up against straight surfaces, such as fences, borders, flower beds, etc. You still need a srting trimmer to get the last few bits of grass. I have had mowers that had very close deck clearance and that you could practically do all your edging with, but this is not one of them. But that just gives me reason to pull out the battery operated Grass Hog and do all my yard work with practically zero carbon emissions. On the eco-green front, I would say this mower is probably the next best thing to artifical turf (yes I'm still trying to figure out how to minimize lawn watering and yet keep the lawn!).

Chandler, AZ


Homelite Cordless Lawn Mower

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