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Netgear Wireless Router

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Netgear routers hate my laptop


For the average user, it seems that Netgear routers are somewhat reliable.  My family has gone through 2 before switching over to Linksys and Asus routers.  Both Netgear routers did not last very long, but I have seen plenty of friends whose routers have lasted years.  One problem I've always had with Netgear routers, was the fact that as soon as my laptop would connect the router would die.  It would need to be reset and then it would work with my laptop... until the next day.  Again, after my laptop was no connect for a while, for example while I slept, and then tried to connect to the Netgear router again, it would die and would have to be reset.  This is very annoying for me, as well as anyone else using the internet because they would be kicked off the internet and have to wait for the router to be reset before they could use it again.  This becomes very tedious and would gladly pay extra for a router that did not do this.  By the way, my laptop is a Dell Inspiron 700m.


Anaheim, CA


Great Netgear wireless router


I've had this Netgear wireless router for almost 3 years.  It has never given me a problem at all.  The signal is great, it has always worked the way it should, and it is perfect for a DSL internet connection.


East Falmouth, MA


fast connection to the internet


I had to get a wireless router to put a boost for my cell phone signal on it.  The area where I live gets terrible cell phone reception so I needed to hook up a signal boost to a wireless router in addition to using the router for wireless internet access.  Anyway, the router works great with the cell phone boost adapter and now I get great cell phone service.  And the router works great with my internet connection and I get fast connection to the internet on my laptop.  I had to connect it to the modem that was installed by my cable company but it connected and worked fast and easily.  I cannot recall having any problems yet with bad connections or slow signals or anything like that.  I am always able to connect to the internet as soon as I turn my laptop on.  It starts up and takes just minutes to automatically find the signal of my router.  I would reccommend getting this router...I think it is one of the better ones out there. 




does the job if you hate wires


the Netgear wireless router has worked great for me 95% of the time.  Once in a while I do have to take it out and put it back in to start it up again.  For me, that's no problem since I hate wires runing all over the apartment.


Orlando, FL


Not bad, and a good price.


After another bad expearance with a wireless router that refused to work correctly, we decided to switch to yet another different band. So far we've had no problems. With our old routers any time I moved my room around we lost our  internet conncetion, but I've yet to have that problem with this one. Easy installation was easy. It's never over heated, I am not sure why some claim that this modem overheats easily, I leave this on almost constantly. I put the brackets on to distribute the heat evenly. Signal strength is better than any I've tried so far, my father can even go online with his PS3 from his man cave in the basement with it, and my sister can use her laptop top on the other side of the house, something she couldn't do b before.If there is even any problem, we simply un plug it for a few seconds and it's up and running again in no time. I would recommend this router, not a bad buy, and not a bad price.


Delmont, PA


pretty good router.


This router is ok. it worked for a while but all of a sudden stopeed working. i am not sure if it was something with our internet or what but it just stopped. but otherwise when it was working it was a good product, it worked very well.


Whiting, IN


Netgear Wireless Router

3.8 6