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Netgear Router

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Netgear RP614


I bought this to replace another maker's wired router that simply didn't work. I have a mixed Mac / Win network. The size of the unit was much smaller, and the design much cleaner than the other router; I was very pleased with this. The trouble came when I tried to do a manual installation from the main Mac computer. It simply didn't work. So I used the Windows-only installation CD on a desktop running Win 2K, but the process would not complete. Finally, I used a laptop running Win XP and installation finally completed. The process took an entire morning. But there aren't really any other wired DSL routers for a Mac/Windows network, so I didn't have much choice but to endure the process. Now that it's up and running, it was worth the trouble. The claim that several computers can use the router without throughput being negatively affected seems to be true.


Columbus, OH


Best Router I've Used


I have this Netgear Router, and I can honestly say that its the best and easiest router I have ever used.  Set up was quick and simple right out of the box.   Within about 10 minutes I had the Router up and running.    All instructions are printed clearly, so even the most inexperienced hardware installer would be able to get this up and running in no time.     I've never had a problem connecting my laptop to the internet, I always have a good signal.    The router can be placed flat on your desk surface, or it comes ith a holder, in which you can stand up the router, depending on what space you have available.      The power cord is long enough that I can have it plugged into the Surge Protector on the floor, and have the cord wrap up through my desk and into the router.   The cord from the computer to the router has quite a bit of room as well.   The router goes easily on top of my desk while the computer itself is on the floor.     I highly recommend.


Hickory Hills, IL


the wireless hotspot is HORRRIIBLE


even though this netgear prodcut was expensive, it took a loooong time to set everything up and very complicating even for a computer geek that i am. about 4 hours talking on the phone from a representative of netgear to set everything up for the laptops in the house. the wi-fi connections go on and off whenever it wants so laptop useage is very difficult. also when i had an xbox the connection for it was really bad due to this netgear product   the hotspot does cover the entire house HOWEVER it does not cover it strong enough so it is as useful as if the hotspot were just a few feet surround the wireless router itself. i do not like the way it was design either, it has two little "stands" taht you clip onto the router to make it stand up but it does not make it very sturdy. it falls a lot and all the blinking lights are very confusing. also the instructions are very difficult to follow along with.


Media, PA


great router, minimal fuss


overall this is a great router which pretty much works right out of the box.  unlike some of the crazy, more complex networking devices in the market, i just wanted a simple, functional, low fuss network device where i could simply plug it into the wall, connect my cable modem into at home and just run with.  indeed, this netgear product fits the bill.  like most netgear stuff, it has good construction, decent design and a fair small foot print.  i have mine sitting on top of my computer tower behind my desk out of view.   these devices are pretty much a standard utility device, so why not go with the simplest, most trusted brands out there for a low price, right?  it's so cheap, if it breaks (doubt it will), you simply go find another cheap replacement.  i've had my for a few years now and it doesnt have any problems at all.     word to the wise though: you should upgrade to the latest firmware directly from the configuration tools or their website if you want the latest security updates and such.  also, please set a password to the device!


New York, NY


Works well, but needs reprogramming several times a year


We purchased this router because we wanted to be able to utilize the wireless features on our work laptops at home.  It works well for us, but several times a year (on average, 3-5) it needs to be reset.  That requires us to get the ethernet cord out, plug it directly into the computer, and then go through the set up process.  That seems simple enough, but sometimes we have to do the set up process multiple times before the router begins working again.  This year has been particularly rough; in the past 4 months, we've had to do this 4 times.  I'm not a computer junkie, just someone who uses the computer for work and web browsing, so I don't know much about the specifics of the router, but from the point of view of a consumer who just wants something to work the way it is supposed to work, I'd have to say that the repeated restarts can get frustrating.  Still, I gave it four stars because the range is very good and all of our computers get a strong signal from it. 


Granger, IN


Netgear RP614 Router a fairly good product


I was looking for a cheap router to do a challenging job. I have DSL internet  High Speed connection and more than 6 devices to connect. I decided to buy the Netgear RP614 since it is slim, light and  have all the features i needed. It works nice  and let me share all my banwith aat regular speed betwen all my devices. It is a very good product.


South Orange, NJ


netgear rp614 router


not very happy with this product. I have note been able to make it work successfully, even after talking to their tech service. Got frustrated and gave up. Can only use it with a chord, even though it is supposed to be wireless.


Fox River Grove, IL


rp614 router by netgear


an inexpensive router for your wireless needs. works well but a little hard to connect to. once connected though, it handles your laptops and net book computers at an alarmingly great way. no connection problems since its been hooked up in my home. it did take some patience in hooking up though. in structions were somewhat confusing, although that problem is with the technical writers that wrote the instructions. good router for the price


Mckeesport, PA


Spend a little more and get a better quality product!


This product has already been replaced after less than 6 months. Our internet provider highly recommends not using Netgear. After replacing our router 3 times in the past 1 1/2 years I have to agree. Just not very reliable.


Fletcher, OK


The netgear router works exactly like its supposed to.


The netgear router works like a charm. The setup is simple, just like any other router. The sleek design is what drew me in first however. This is just one sexy router with its silver/white coloring and its clear plastic over its display lights. This thing is also built to last. I have had this router working for me for almost 2 years now and it still hasnt given me any serious trouble. Not to mention the fact that this little thing is pretty resilent. I have accidentally dropped it several times on hardwood floors and apart from a few scratches (which are hardly noticable), the falls havnt seemed to affect its performance in the least. I do have one complaint though about the netgear router. I wish it would have had more Ethernet ports. If i were wanting to use it to connect more than a few computers, i would be unable to. Also while it is not a big deal to me, I could see how its lack of wireless capabilities could be a major turn off for some people. Overall though, a perfectly acceptable router.


Hillsboro, IL


Netgear Router

3.4 11