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Netgear RangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N Router with Built-in DSL Modem

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GREAT Router


This router had a Dual-Band. With a 2.4 GHz Band and a 5 GHz Band. These bands can get confusing when you are using a wireless printer, but for anything else it works great! The router never looses connectivity (I've only had to reset it once when I changed the DNS the wrong way)! I would reccomend this router to anybody who is looking for an expensive (BUT REALLY GOOD) router. The speed hits up to 300 mpbs!!! This router has replaced our Linsys Router. This router seems to work well with our network. We hope to keep this router for a very long time. I would defanitly reccomend this to anybody because of its handy features. The dual band makes it easier to do everyday tasks easier. This router is also good for roaming.The distance it can travel is very far! I just love this router. I hope that with this router people can experience a faster internet experience. This router goes over my expectations!!!


Harbor Beach, MI


nice to have G and N without losing speed


Pros: -dual band so you can run your own G and N networks at the same time so you don't lose speed and repection because G can sometimes slow things down. Plus less network congestion. -Has a good range -Is very fast broadcasts at 270mbps for N and 54mbps for G and you can name both networks anything you want -has enough security to prevent leeches from stealing your internet and a good built in firewall to stop some attacks and keep your computer hidden -allows alot of different customizations including new types of security for networks so you can just make your own keyword rather than having to have a long 20 digit code. -very easy to set up, you can either enter things manually or use the auto wizard. cons: -the blue wps light on top is very bright, but if you push it down it can shut off but i didnt realize you could shut it off. -sometimes it has trouble picking up the internet connection where the light will just stay orange instead of turning green but all you have to do is reset it but its kinda annoying.


Saint Paul, MN


Fantastic router thats better then most other companies.


I have very much enjoyed using this router.   I gave it 4 out of 5 stars for 1 reason.   That reason is because every once and a while the router stops sending information to my devices and I need to restart the router.  Although thats a very easy procedure it is very antagonizing when it does strike.   However, it is an amazing router.   It has amazing length for how far the signal goes.   Its extremely easy to use.   Pretty much all you need to do is plug everything in and *BAM* you have wireless internet.   You should consider getting a password though because the length of the signel is long enough for a hacker to use a wireless computer to hack your internet connection and your computers from that.   Although this has never personally happened to me, I know that it is possible to be done.    Thank you for reading my review.   Hopefully you will find that this great product is for you as well.   Has very few faults while other routers don't have quite as far of a range or of speed.   Please seriously consider this router if you need wireless internet for your home or office.


Pittsburgh, PA


Awesome router providing range, fast speed, good looks


This Netgear router is by far the best router I have ever used and had the pleasure of owning. With its somewhat expensive price tag, you get everything you need and can expect much else from it. It provides great range for wireless connections and never has any problems through walls. It has a sleek design that looks great in any place you put it. The router is very easy to use and setup and allows for multiple connection speeds through wireless-g and wireless-n. I purchase this router particularly for my home network and it performs amazingly with no problems at all. It has never dropped a connection or lost any of its speed. This is one of the best routers on the market and you can find them online for a reasonable price. I haven't been able to find a router that could replace it in the performance category and I know I will be using it until something much better is developed. I highly recommend this router to my friends who also do some IT work and home networking. Overall you will not regret or be disappointed with this router. Get one while they are available.


Santa Rosa, CA




I have purchased 3 of this Netgear router and none has ever lasted with internet more than one week. I kept thinking it was the computer or my internet provider, but as soon as I purchased a different brand and took the Netgear off, it worked great! I will never buy a Netgear product again.


Miami, FL


the best router i ever used


i used to have a linkys router and to me it was not the best choice i was always have to reset it and fix it at least twice a day and to me it was just not worth it by doing that . I have bought this net gear router a couple months ago it is is sooo great i would highly recomend this. it is the best one i have ever had and i never once had to restart it...i love this roter sooo much.i would buy it again and again.. i couldnt ask for a better router. it is the best company i would recommend this to a friend in a heart beat . this routers specs are amazing and outstanding i could not believe it when i saw them for the first time iam still shocked by them because they show good things.. these routers are excellent quality and would try any new product they would ever have out it is that amazing. these routers are very good price and wont break your bank account like most will and they are worth it every penny of them.. i cannot say enough about them thats how good they are and i could not live without these routers. they are one of a kind and i cant resist buying them.. as you can see im a bit of a computer geek and i enjoy every min of it . i truly do ...amazing amzing amzing i can go on and on about these routers even if  i had tons of money i would still buy this router please people try this router you will be amazed and be wanting more and buying them for birthdays christmas just in general  thats why i would tell you to buy them buy it buy it buy it i said buy it listen to  me you really should you deserve the best and this will give you that im telling you it really will..please please pleas please please please please try it you will not be dissapointed im telling you you rerally wont be that..  buy this its worth  it save all your trouble now and wont have to worryabout it later you go to the store yet??????? you wont be dis satified this has full potential and will prove anybody wrong time and time again


Newton, NJ


"NETGEAR RangeMax" Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter WPN111 Works Well


We recently moved into an apartment that provides WiFi. My desktop requires an adapter for use in the new apartment. Blainey, my son, wanted to give me a sort of house-warming gift, so he bought me a Netgear RangeMax Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter (WPN111) to get back on-line. You'll have to forgive my lack of techese as I review this exceptional device. Bottom-line, it got me back on-line. I can surf the net, stream music and make internet calls if I want. It was easy to install and has what it calls "Smart Wizard" installation software. It can be used on notebook or Desktop PCs and is Super-G Compatible/108 Mbps Speed. I does work on Windows Vista too. This device gives me 10x the speed and 10x the coverage, and doesn't drop my connections. I love it. Gear up and get on the Net! I highly recommend it.


Memphis, TN


Netgear RangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N Router with Built-in DSL Modem

4.0 7