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Netgear ProSafe 10/100 Desktop Switch - ports - EN, Fast EN - 10Base-T, 100Base-TX

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The Netgear FS105 is great for splitting lines


I purchased the Netgear ProSafe FS105 Desktop Switch for one sole purpose, to divide the cable running into my room so that I can use my Desktop Computer and my XBox 360. With that said, it's perfectly fitted my needs. The unit itself takes up very little space and doesn't get much warmer than room temperature. I keep mine right on top my desktop computer and have had no issues. The lack of software makes it a breeze to setup for beginners as well. Simply plug it in and insert the cable running from your modem into a slot and up to four more to link up devices. A note, I'm not sure how great this device would be for linking up a lot of computers. For those unfamiliar with switches, you are splitting a 100Base ethernet cable so you are limiting yourself to 100 megabytes per second over devices. There is no real way, or at least practical one, to limit the amount of information taken, so if a computer is using up 60 MB/S, the others (up to three more) would be limited to 40 MB/S total. These work great for connecting to routers. If you are looking to connect multiple computers from one connection, you likely want a wireless router. However with older computers or gaming systems and not downloading or streaming videos a lot, this device is definitely handy if you don't want to run multiple cables through floors of a house. It's also the best option, in my opinion, for connecting a 360 in that fashion compared to paying for Microsoft's wireless adaptor.

Sunbury, PA


NetGear ProSafe is great for home or small office !!


I bought the NetGear ProSafe FS105 10/100 Desktop Switch for my small network at home. I have 3 computers to hook to the internet and only one DSL router to do it with. It can produce up to 100/Mbs but only with the proper software on your systems. Even running at 10/Mbs, which is what I run from my computer and with the DSL my internet literally flies with little to no "lag" time. One of the best features about the NetGear Ethernet switch is that with 3 computers running at the same time, and even using one connection, there is no obvious slow down in bytes delivered to your computer. The only time you really do notice a difference in bytes delivered is when someone starts to download a large file then it slows the whole system down; which is to be expected when sharing one connection.

Fort Wayne, IN


Netgear ProSafe 10/100 Desktop Switch - ports - EN, Fast EN - 10Base-T, 100Base-TX

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