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Netgear 54mbps Wireless Router

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Netgear is okay for the money


Netgear was the least expensive router so we got it. We've had trouble with it needing to be reset and stuff, but I think you'd probably have that with any router. Overall, I think that for the money it was a good buy. We've had it for 6 years now and its still working just as well as the day we got it. Coverage is fine for our home. We have about 1200 feet main floor and we have good coverage everywhere in our house and even quite a ways outside. We have okay coverage even beyond our property line. We had trouble setting it up and I spent hours on the phone with both Netgear and my ISP trying to figure it out. Netgear with NO HELP and they're final answer was that we needed to spend a ton of money to get a dedicated IP address to solve the problem. What?! My ISP was the one who figured it out: we couldn't have numbers in our password, only letters. Whatever. Wish I'd known that before I spent all that time with Netgear's worthless customer service.


Tooele, UT


Great...but I know nothing about routers


If you aren't tech savvy like me, continue reading. If you are, stop because you'll probably be offended by my ignorance. I "inherited" this router from my roommate (she moved out and just left it). That was a few years ago. The fact that I have never had a problem with this router and have never needed another one is a testament to the quality of it which is why i'm writing this review. It has served me well. As I mentioned, I know nothing about routers and stuff like this so I very well could be missing out. But I can't imagine what I would need that this doesn't provide. I never have a problem with it shutting down or going off line. And I never ever have a problem with speed. Also, it is a secure router--I am confident no one is hacking in to it or doing any funny business. Based on that, I would recommend it.


New York, NY


Netgear WGR614v7 54mbps Wireless Router


I have a netgear Wireless Router and have no been able to get it to work right. Do not have the money to have it hooked up by a professional and have found it hard to understand the directions, so unless you are highly trained in computers and adding attachments i do not recommend this paticular brand.


Chico, CA


Netgear is awesone


 This product satisfies exactly what I need. It gives me great performance and the speed is great. It adds speed to my modem. It connects to multiple wireless objects like my ipod touch and my playstation 3. With it I'm able to serve the internet really fast in my ipod touch and in my playstation 3. It also has live parental controls to take care of those pages that you may not want your child to see. The live parental controls block all of those unsafe internet pages, content, and applications and can be managed anywhere you want. It also protects all the devices connected to the router such as computers, laptops, gaming devices like psp and playstation 3, and even the ipod touch. It also has a feature called Push "N" Connect using the wi-fi setup, it's a secure connection at the push of a button. The range of wi-fi that the wireless router provides a great job in my home. Every wireless object in my home is able to receive great wireless signal with the netgear wireless router.


Los Angeles, CA


Okay router for small spaces


I have owned 2 of these Netgear wireless routers.  The first one I owned lasted for about a year, and then after, packing it in a suitcase, it just stopped working point blank.  No real explanations or causes.  The second one I've bought has served me much better in terms of longetivity.  The router is pretty basic, but does its job in covering a small to medium sized space.  The signal is usually clear and does not go in and out - if it does it's been the internet provider's problem, not the router's. The only time this router is not up to par is in big spaces or in spaces with really thick - think brick - walls.  Then I found the signal to be patchy.  I really like the sleek, modern, and white design of the router and the fact that you can choose to locate it horizontally or vertically.  My only other problem with the router is that I think it is difficult to set up this router.  The disc isn't very helpful and the steps are confusing.  Every time we have to restart the thing, it takes a while.  NetGear needs to simplify this! 


Washington, DC


Netgear WGR614 v7 54mbps Wireless Router great choice


**Netgear WGR614 v7 54mbps Wireless Router was a great choice we made after having to replace my old lynksys router. First of all we have five computers at home and it took me a while to find out that the internet connection would fail so much because my router was outdated. Although I am not a computer expert I figure that could be something with the connecton, just to discover it was indeed the router. I bought netgear and my nephew installed it for me. The diference is amazing. Now all computers are really fast, for downloads, loading pages and all. My internet conection is very good and I was "under using" it. I am happy with this NetGear router version. It might be just a detail, but the design is also nice, sleek and modern, it does not show a lot on my desk. I know there are newer versions of Netgear router available now,  I am not sure which ones, but I can just imagine they are as good as **Netgear WGR614 v7 .****


Kissimmee, FL


No Good


Maybe I just had a lemon. The thing would just not work. I installed it several times to no avail. I thought my computer was the problem so I took it over to my sister-in-law's house and installed it there. Still a no go. I ended up getting another one (it was on sale at a great price). After installing it on my computer again the Netgear WGR614 v7 54mbps router did nothing. So maybe I just had two lemons. I have no ida if that was the case because I took it back and got a Lynksys router that worked fine the first time. I can't recommend the Netgear WGR614 v7 54mbps router because basically it did not do anything other than make my computer appear to be a little more fancy with the different wires connected to it. But that is all the Netgear WGR614 v7 54mbps did-looked pretty, It probably spent several minutes laughing at me with the computer while I was pulling my hair out in a futile attempt to make it work.


Douglasville, GA


NetGear WGR614 excels at networking!


Most people purchasing this product do not know the power they hold in such a small device.  We utilize this router at work for static routing from our network to another network.  I suspect most end users are simply hooking it up to their simple home networks and never using the advanced features.  While it is great for a simple home router, it is also excellent at more advanced functionality. It is easy to use and set up.The instructions are easy to follow. It not only does what it says it will do, it does so very much more. It is a nice compact piece of equipment that doesn't take up a lot of space. I have had mine set up at work for almost a year now with no connectivity issues or 'hiccups' you occasionally see with electronic equipment.  For the price spent, it is worth every penny!  This product is absolutely wonderful for the simplest of networks to even networks that are a bit more sophisticated.  Bravo, NetGear!


Fort Lauderdale, FL


Easy, even a dumbing could do it


*I've had two other routers and this is the best I've come across.  I've had this over a 11 months and have had no problems, even thru power outages. It is very easy to access the router with wireless equipment, also the security settings make it safe to use while also easy to access.   I also like the fact that you can stand it on end or hang it so you can find virtually any place to use or hide this router.*


Hartland, WI


Easy to set up


I've had this router for a few months now.  Was easy to install and with a netbook and laptop in use, I've had no problems with either running slow because of a weakened signal.  Another thing I like about this router is the fact that should the power go off for whatever reason, it's quick to get back up to full strength! I highly recommend this router to anyone looking for an easy to install with a great strength of signal wireless router.


Greensburg, PA


Netgear 54mbps Wireless Router

3.8 20