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Netgear Wireless N Router

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Netear Wireless N doesn't seem much different than G


Negatives- I bought this last May when it came out, and understood that it had a larger wireless signal range than their Wireless G. I lived in a house where I didn't test this out, and I never had a problem. When I moved to a two story house last summer, I discovered that I don't even get range downstairs, and the signal will often drop even when I am in the next room. I am not sure if it's because I live in an older victorian with small rooms and a lot of walls, but either way...it shouldn't do this! Pretty frustrating. I have moved it to different areas of the room it's plugged in to, but there isn't much cord length from the modem. I researched online to see if I could improve the signal, and they reccomend buying their rangemax wireless card with the router. The two are expensive if buying both, not worth it. Positive attributes- easy to set up, worked fine in my one story modern house, aesthetically pleasing


Sacramento, CA


not what i wanted


i purchased this router to use with my laptop xps studio 1640 and my new dell wireless router printer w305 i was assured my sales person from dell that this would work with my equipment.  the netgear router came quickly in the mail. to set it up you use a cd which said i would not work with vista 64 bit only 32 . so then i spent 1/2 hour getting someone on phone with netgear . Told him what i equipment i had and he said no problem he could walk me through it . He asked me several time who my internet provider was told him and several times he asked me about my wireless router after the third time he finally got the point that the router was built in told him i paid extra for that . At that point he told me i needed to disconect it and buy the router that plugs in then it would work. i told him i had that on my last computer and that the router didnt work then . he said it would . i told him netgear told me i needed this one at that point i hung up .i believe someone at netgear needs some new information.    


North East, PA


Netgear Wireless N Router

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