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Netgear Wireless-G Router

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my wireless g router from netgear works perfect.


If you are in need of a wireless router that is affordable and dependable then look no further i am here to tell you that the wireless g router from Netgear is all you need with its low price and quality performance. It has four usb ports for connecting multiple computers or laptops to the internet. I have had mine for twelve months without ever having any problems whatsoever so if you are looking to go wireless then just go get a wireless router from Netgear a nd you will be set to go.


Fitzgerald, GA


THe best Router , period!


I have come accross all kinds of routers during my tech years, Linksys, Dlink ect. Hands down , Netgear is the best router. Never had one, not one problem with them. No conflics, no wireless disservice,nothing and, they are easy to install! Graet techical support too!


Englishtown, NJ


Effective device


Wireless g router is a very reliable device based on the fact that I can be on my computer, laptop and psp at the same tie and never ever lose connection.  I have had this device for almost one year.  Also the best part of Netgear is if there is a faultiness within the device Netgear will defiantely give you a replace one on the bases of returining the defective one at no charge. . I have never had any problems when also streamin live video to my television andit was clear and crisp and almost liek being directly connected to the device via RJ-45 wire.  it also has a nice firewall proctection with WAP and WEP type of firewall password protection. It is a very easy device to hook up once you take it out of the box and it just almost sets itself up at first especially with the latest wondows out you don't even need the CD to install the driver at all.  I highly recommend this and any other future netgear devices


Bronx, NY


The best, easiest and fastest internet connection I've had.


When I recently purchased internet service through Time Warner Cable Road Runner I immediately realized the problems of having ethernet cords everywhere so I purchased a NetGear wireless g router. Unlike my cable modem this router has five or six ethernet ports where the modem only had one and then I dont have to use cables for my laptop. I can also use my PSP to get online. I easily can have two XBox 360's, a laptop, and a PSP running off my internet connection. The internet is always quick and rarely fails to connect. I was not sure the router would be the best choice but I am very pleased with its outcome. I would reccomend this to families only wanting to pay for one internet connection site. Multiple things can have a fast, smooth internet browsing ability. I love being able to set in different rooms of my apartment and get onto the internet without the hassle of ethernet cords. This router is perfect for most internet connections.


Harrodsburg, KY


Netgear Wireless-G Router

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