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Nestle Coffee-Mate Chocolate Raspberry Creamer

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Sweet Treat for your coffee


I love my morning coffee, but only with cream, and it has to be flavored. I will not drink coffee black, or with milk or creamer, it has to be flavored. I have tried just about every flavor they have made, seasonal and regulars like French vanilla and hazelnut, but when I want to shake my coffee up a bit I go for something like chocolate raspberry. You have to be somebody who likes sweet stuff to appreciate this creamer, it sort of tastes like you melted a candy bar in your coffee. Depending on how much you use it can be overwhelming to the tongue, and I have actually dumped the coffee when I used too much, but on the other hand, if you use just the right amount you will have delicious coffee with tones of chocolate and just a hint of raspberry. It really is good and you certainly don't need any sugar when using this creamer. Definitely worth trying.




Delicious chocolate and raspberry flavor


This creamer product provides a really great chocolate and raspberry flavor to a cup of coffee. The two flavors mix well together and provide a nice change of pace taste. This product can be hard to find on a regular basis so it is a good, once in a while treat.




I am addicted to CoffeeMate Chocolate Raspberry creamer


If you have not tried Coffee-Mate's Chocolate Raspberry liquid creamer then you have to.  I have tried quite a few flavored creamers and there are none that come close.  I use Coffee-Mate Chocolate Raspberry creamer in iced coffee and is great anytime of the day and at in any season.  My area only carries them at Super-Target so I hope that more stores start to carry it.  This is a liquid creamer and is sold in a 32 ounce container that will last you quite awhile and save you a lot of money making your own coffee treats at home instead of going to the coffee shop.  It only has 35 calories so it a satisfying treat that you don't have to feel bad about drinking.  Just add one or two drops to your coffee and savor the irrestible flavor that blends a creamy chocolate flavor and sweet raspberry taste.  The only bad thing I have to say is that it is hard to find at stores and does not come in different sizes or powdered creamer.


Fort Myers, FL


Nestle Coffee-Mate Chocolate Raspberry Creamer

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