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Neocate Nutra Infant Formula Nutritional Supplement Oral Powder

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Truly the most important find of my sons life!


From the day my so was born he has been diagnosed with many health issues. When he was 2 months old he was first diagnosed with food allergies. By the time my son was 6 months he had rashes covering 85 percent of his body do to food allergy induced eczema. With the help of many doctors we tried many different kinds of formula since he was becoming to sick with breast milk. As soon as he switched to Neocate the rashes started to slowly fade away. With in 3 weeks my son was almost completely rash free. It was absolutely the most amazing thing. It was the first time that my son was not crying in pain, itching and covered in rashes and scabs. Neocate saved my son in so many ways. After being on the formula for a few weeks he also started to finally gain weight. I honestly don't know what are next turn would have been for sons health had we not found Neocate. It brings me to tears just thinking how it has changed my sons life. I do have to be honest it took my son a week of slowly introducing him to it get him to drink it and it is also very costly. Nutricia does offer sales sometimes which can help.

Manhattan, KS


Neocate Nutra is the only cereal safe for my daughter to eat


After having my daughter on the Neocate Infant formula for months it came time to introduce cereal to her diet. We tried the rice cereal and she had a horrible reaction so we tried oatmeal and she also had a reaction. I looked online and found that Neocate had recently developed an amino acid based medical food that could take the place of infant cereal. I received a sample can from the company and my daughter loves it! I can mix it with her baby food, juice or any other flavoring I want. It gives my daughter variety in her diet but lets her still get the needed nutrients to grow and develop properly. On Neocates website they also have a recipe guide where you can use it in place of certain items to make baked goods or anything else you can think of! I love knowing that even thought my daughter had many food allergies and cant eat many things that what she is eating is providing her with the needed nutrients so she can grow and develop like a regular kid who can have dairy and soy in their diet.

Salt Lake City, UT


Neocate Nutra Infant Formula Nutritional Supplement Oral Powder

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